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Eating healthy in College

April 27, 2017

Summer is almost here! The hot weather is starting to be here to stay and along with that comes more revealing clothes and thinner material. Although you should always be eating healthy and exercising. The summer is a great incentive to really get the ball rolling. The good news is you can be proactive by adding quick nutrients to your diet in hopes to minimize your risk of weight gain. When you visit your dining hall be sure to make sure at least 50% of your plate is green and leafy! Like what you see?


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This website is a great overview of quick do’s and don’ts to make sure you have great food decisions.

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Teen Vogue has such an easy read on 10 easy ways to eat healthy in college and teaches on how to listen to your body.

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The quick nerd fitness blog gives a nice overview on workout routines that can be done coupling that with exercise.

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This article goes over the recommended daily intake and breaks down how unhealthy food affects the body.

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Choose my plate is a movement that is beginning with helping college students eat healthy and work with their campus to promote health in young adults.


How to Find a Summer Room in College: 6 Steps

April 24, 2013
How to Find a Summer Room in College: 6 Steps

Dorms at Duke

It’s that time of year again—school is ending for the year and you need to find somewhere to live for the summer. When the need to find an apartment mixes with the stress of finals, things can get pretty hectic. However, it’s not as difficult as you might think! Here are 6 steps to finding a summer room.

Step One: Plan out what you want

Decide what kind of place you want to live in. Do you want your own room? Are you planning on living with friends? Do you want the place to be furnished? If you’re finding a place with other people, map out a price range together—this will make it easier to narrow down your options.

Step Two: Look at your school’s options

If your summer plan is to take a few classes or do an internship with your school, contact the university about summer housing. Often, they will be able to provide a dorm or other on-campus housing for you to stay in during the summer. However, sometimes it’s best to check your other options before doing this—university housing can be expensive with not many benefits. However, your school might offer jobs over the summer that come with free housing, such as camp counseling and orientation staff. If something like this is available, jump on it!

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4 Types of Identity Theft College Students Should Know About

April 3, 2013

Identity theft is a quickly growing threat in the U.S., especially with the advancement in use of the Internet and social networking sites. Identity theft occurs when an impostor steals personal information from you and uses it for their benefit. It can take place in many different ways, and it’s important to know how to prevent identity theft from happening to you. Here are several of the most common ways that your identity can be stolen, provided by , and how to prevent them.

Financial ID Theft

This can occur when your credit cards, debit cards, or checks are stolen. If this happens, contact the bank immediately and close your account. When opening a new one, put passwords on the account. Passwords should be something only you can remember. They should be at least 8 characters long and contain both capital and lowercase letters and at least one non-alphabetical character.

In order to prevent financial ID theft, keep all cards and IDs together in a place where they are not easily visible. When at school, never leave a wallet unattended.

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