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Top 5 Spring Break Spots

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations: Rewards and Risks

For many of us, Spring Break is right around the corner. We’re pushing through these last couple of days or weeks of assignments, meetings, and internships so that we can feel the wind in our hair and be free for an entire week. Whether…

March 2, 2012
Study Abroad

Going, Going, Gone…Abroad!

If you’re in college, you’ve probably heard a lot about study abroad. Going abroad means being able to study in a foreign country (and sometimes in a different language) while also having the opportunity to travel, meet new people from around the world and…

December 28, 2011

Parents and Students Should Take Insurance Inventory

Insurance is something that college students should inventory with help from their parents. Even seemingly small events – like a stolen laptop or mono – can impact a family’s financial well-being and a student’s long-term success.…

September 2, 2010