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Student Life

5 Things You Don’t Need to Bring to Your Dorm

July 8, 2022

As summer is coming to an end and students are getting ready to head back to school, many for the first time. Packing up your childhood room and buying new items can be overwhelming, and you may have the urge to buy everything you could possibly think of. But you must remember, dorm rooms can be much smaller than you think, and you are sharing a space with someone new.

Our intern Morgan has some advice on everyday items students should avoid bringing during their first year on campus.

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Student Life

8 DIY Dorm Room Storage Tips for College Students

Dorm rooms are notorious for being small, crowded, and in most cases, outdated. To make matters worse, you either end up sharing a dorm room with a complete stranger or living in close quarters with no break from a friend. Dorm life can be…

March 23, 2021
Student Life

Essential Items to Take to College

Heading off to college is an exciting time. There are plenty of articles and advice columns listing everything you need to transition successfully. Most students, though, end up with too much stuff. It may be fun to decorate your dorm in September, but you’ll…

February 22, 2021