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How to Handle a Sick Family Member While Away At School

February 21, 2023

College is known for being a balancing act. Whether it’s sports, a club, an internship, or anything in between, it can make it hard to manage everything at once, especially your coursework. Unfortunately, dealing with family emergencies while you’re away at school is expected. Your loved ones are likely getting older, and sometimes unexpected changes occur when you are away. So, how do you handle it? 

This article will provide a few tips on handling a family emergency while away at school while also providing some insight into balancing the rest of your collegiate responsibilities. 

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Adulting Student Life

A Student’s Guide to Insurance: Travel Edition

Being a student has its fair share of traveling. From breaks, vacations, traveling to and from campus, to even studying abroad. Whether you're road-tripping to the west coast, studying abroad in Spain, or enjoying the beaches of Southeast Asia, knowing the ins and outs…

April 19, 2022

Healthcare Financing Resources for Low-Income College Students

Let’s face it: learning is its own reward, yes. But you’re in college primarily to build a better life for yourself and your family. You might be getting your education to escape the life of struggle that you have watched your parents endure. But…

September 21, 2020
Student Life

Why You Need College Renters Insurance

As you start to prepare for the new semester, there is always something new around the corner that you forgot to think about when heading off to college. Did you pack enough clothes? Do you have your laptop and smartphone? Shower caddy? Dorm bedding?…

July 13, 2020
Other Student Life

Where to Store Your Stuff

As finals approach, each hour is precious for those college students who will be going home for the summer. Some of them could simply pack their suitcases and drive home, but others might have an apartment or a dorm room full of furnishings. Being…

March 27, 2020
Other Transition

Three College Surprises to Avoid

It is true that some families may be able to replace stolen property or pay for an extra semester of college if their student is forced to withdraw for medical reasons, but if they can't then I recommend that they seriously consider both tuition…

July 11, 2019