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Best Student Discounts for 2022

February 25, 2022

We all know that college is expensive and this is the first time that many students are responsible for their finances. It can be difficult or even overwhelming to get your money in order, but there are some deals and discounts that make it easier on your wallet!

Some students aren’t aware of the many exclusive discounts that are available to students while enrolled in college. Some subscriptions are made available just by registering using a .edu email address. Not only will students be able to save a few dollars (or maybe more than a few) by registering as a student, but will they receive exclusive benefits most of the time. Being aware of these discounts can be beneficial for college students that are learning to be more financially independent. 

Here are some of the best student discounts available in 2022:

Amazon Prime

As a student, Amazon Prime offers a free six-month subscription. After that free six-month trial is over, it costs only $6.49 per month for as long as you are a student. With this subscription, you’ll receive a catalog of their TV shows and movies, free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photo, and the usual perks of two-day shipping. This discount extends beyond Amazon as well, like offering exclusive deals to GrubHub, the Calm App, discounts on flights from StudentUniverse, and help from Course Hero. As if that isn’t enough for the perks of Amazon Prime, there are add-ons to this plan, including access to premium video channels Like Showtime, Epix, Sundance Now, and more for just $0.99 a month each for up to 12 months. What a deal!

Spotify Premium

As for Spotify, students are able to buy access to both TV and music streaming options. For as low as $4.99 a month, students have access to ad-free listening to Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime all in one. That’s half the price of regular memberships and without the extra perks of Hulu and Showtime. For the first month of access, all listening and watching is completely free! It should be noted that this plan has to be renewed annually and you can only use it for up to four years.

YouTube Premium 

Students have access to watch ad-free videos on the go with YouTube Premium. The option to download and watch offline viewing is only $6.99 a month. You’ll have complete access to Youtube music if your other streaming platforms are not cutting it for you. You have the option to try out Youtube Premium for a one-month free trial.

Apple Music and Apple TV+

When students sign up for Apple Music, they also get access to AppleTV+, all for only $4.99 a month! This subscription will not only allow students access to over fifty million songs but will also allow students to watch original movie pictures. This discounted rate is available for up to 4 years. 


Students have the option to purchase audiobooks, for either school or for entertainment through a discounted rate using Audible. New members are able to join for as low as $9.95 a month. Students are able to save over 30% and receive a $10 credit.


Are you having trouble organizing all your notes for all your different classes, projects, and assignments? Organize your personal tasks and notes with Notion’s free Personal Pro plan. Unlimited pages & blocks, file uploads, and version history. Just sign up with a school email address. The best part is there is no credit card required to sign up!


UNiDAYS is a discount website founded in 2011 that is available for free to students worldwide. Current students in higher education can sign up with UNiDAYS to get discounted deals on products and services.


College can be a really busy time and can be hard to find a way to decompress or learn a new skill. Skillshare is an online learning community of educational videos for a variety of different topics. Normally, Skillshare offers free one-month trials of their premium service. After that, it’s $15/month ($8.25/month if you pay annually).

Adobe Creative Cloud

Students can get the full suite of Adobe products such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects for just $19.99/month. That’s a 60% savings over the usual price of $52.99/month!

If you just want access to Photoshop, you can get the Photography Plan for just $9.99/month (whether or not you’re a student). This gives you access to Photoshop and Lightroom, plus 20GB of cloud storage.

Office 365

Although you might already get access to the Microsoft Office Suite for free through your college, if your school doesn’t offer it for some reason, you can still get free access to Office 365 Education if you’re a student. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams. Just like most of the offers above, all you need is a valid student (.edu) email address to sign up!

Merchandise and Food Discounts

When you’re a student, often times local businesses in your town or city will offer a discount, anywhere from 10 to even 25% off. Many restaurants and store chains offer a deal for students such as Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A and even movies theaters. The twist to getting these discounts compared to most of the digital resources, is you need to do is show them your student ID.

College can be stressful for many different resources, but subscriptions and tools shouldn’t be on that list. We hope that this helps you save some money while you are in school and make some of your resources more affordable!

Student Life

5 Student Discounts That Help You with Your Studies

July 16, 2021

Choosing to study is one of the best investments that you can make in your future. However, once you add up everything you might find that it costs a lot more than you had expected. Thankfully, there are some useful student discounts you can take advantage of.

Travel Discounts

It is common for students to get discounts on bus and train travel. This can be a life-saver if you need to travel to classes every day. Even if the full fare doesn’t seem all that much, it can soon add up if you have to make two or more trips each day.

This can also give you an incentive to explore the area if you have moved away from home to study. Getting out and doing some tourism near your new house can be a great way of taking your mind off exams, meaning that you have a better chance of keeping your stress levels low.

Learn a Language for Less

One of the most worrying things about moving abroad to study is the language barrier. If you decide to study in an English-speaking country and aren’t completely at ease with the language, it is going to make life more difficult for you in many different ways.

Instead of paying a lot for an English course, you can look online for tutors with a reasonable hourly rate. Book a block of lessons at once with Preply and you can get up to 15% off the normal price too. Use the 1-1 lessons to practice for your exams, for your future career, or for any other aspect you want to brush up on.

Pick Up Food Deals

Eating healthily on a tight budget is a big challenge for many students. It is easy to slip into bad habits by eating cheap, low-quality food that doesn’t give you all of the energy and good health that you need for your studies.

Take a look at your local supermarkets and restaurants, to see what kinds of student deal they have. For example:

  • Many give a 10% discount for students
  • But others go up to 30% or more
  • You might also be offered a good-value meal deal or some other special offer that makes it worthwhile

Books and Other Materials

One cost you can’t avoid is that of the books and materials that are needed for your studies. Depending upon the subject, this can add up to a huge amount, and that’s before you even consider anything you might want to read or do in your own leisure time.

Students are regarded as being highly sought-after customers of book stores and stationers, because of the number of purchases they make. This means that you might be able to pick up the things you need from these places without paying the full price. 

At Barnes & Noble you can also buy used books at a reduced price, or earn some extra money by selling your old books. 

Open a Bank Account  

You might not know that banks also offer special accounts to students. Student bank accounts typically don’t have a monthly charge and many don’t charge you for withdrawing money either. The big banks like to look after students, as they see them as being among their most valuable clients of the future, so you might also get a free gift or discount vouchers when you open an account.

Take advantage of the best student discounts like these to make your studies a little bit more affordable and enjoyable.

Student Life

How To Find The Best Discounts For College Students

May 17, 2021

Being a college student can be expensive. Beyond the costs of tuition itself, the expenses relating to housing, food, computers, books and miscellaneous supplies can really stack up – and that’s before you throw in any entertainment, travel and the odd coffee or late-night pizza. When it comes to attending college, there can be a whole host of hidden fees.

Whatever can be done to minimize these ‘out of pocket’ expenses, the better. That’s where knowing how to make the most of college student discounts comes in.

Every 10% saved here and there can really add up, as can utilizing offers for free services or products both on and off campus. But, finding these deals and discounts isn’t always easy, so here is a guide to help you.

Here are some of the best discounts that students can access to make their college years a little more affordable.

Tech deals

Tech giants Microsoft offer a variety of discounts and even freebies to students wishing to access their software. For example, for a start, any available Microsoft product can be purchased by a student at a discount of 10%.

Students are also eligible to use their Office 365 software suite for free. This suite includes the most popular applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This alone is a saving of $70 per year. Simply head to Microsoft Student Education and have your college email details handy.


There are so many opportunities to save money with college student discounts when you take the time to uncover what’s available. Most movie theaters offer discounts to college students, including National chains like AMC, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark. A college ID is as good as a ‘get in free’ pass for many music venues and museums. New York’s Lincoln Center and Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museums are just some examples of the cultural institutions that offer greatly discounted or free admissions. 

Major League Baseball also offers discounts to students in around a dozen cities, including the Chicago cubs, the Boston Red Sox, the Atlanta Braves and more.

Commerce king Amazon offers a truckload of products favorable to students, and a good deal of discounts, too. These include free books, video and music downloads, free one-day shipping, discounts of books, music and movies, and up to 80% off items like mobile phone cases, USB adapters, packs of ramen noodles, granola bars, and more.

Amazon also offers students a six month free trial and a further 50% of their membership when the trial has ended. Prime Student subscribers can also access Amazon Music Unlimited for just .99 cents a month – a massive saving from what is usually $9.99 per month. 

Transportation deals

There is certainly no shortage of great deals for students when it comes to both public and private transport.

Regarding rail, Amtrak offers a 10% discount on tickets for students who have signed up to their Student Advantage Discount Card. Rail Europe also offers a 23% discount to students taking a semester in Europe, although this does only refer to second class travel.

If you like the bus, the Student Advantage Discount Card gives you 15% off of any Greyhound tickets, for an annual fee of $30. Many college towns also offer low-cost annual or seasonal passes to take subway trains and buses across town. Contact your local town or city’s transport page or ask at your college about local train and bus deals.

Clothing, food, and more

Aimed exclusively towards college students, Unidays offers discounts to members on over 150 brand name products and services. These include companies like Apple, Samsung, American Eagle, Adidas, and more.

Simply by signing up, you automatically qualify for some amazing deals, like a free $20 Costco gift card, $20 off Apple products, and 20% of food deliveries ordered through GrubHub. This one-stop-shop allows you to select the deals you like best when you sign up – and there are plenty to choose from.

Final thoughts

Taking a moment to shop around and source great deals and discounts can save you a surprising amount of your precious student budget – leaving you feeling a little more relaxed and able to save or spend on things that have previously been a little out of reach.

Student Life

A College Student’s Guide to Streaming Music

February 16, 2021

Music is a backdrop to a student’s everyday life from walking to class, to studying, or hanging out with friends. Having access to music on your phone always comes in handy. Streaming music is widespread and accessible with various platforms available to use. As a student, did you know you can stream music for as little as $5 a month with no ads? That’s often half the price of a regular subscription!

Here are some of the benefits of using these top music streaming platforms.

Apple Music

Student cost: $4.99/month after 3 month free trial

Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music has become a popular choice for listeners as it is widely compatible with Apple devices. It offers a wide selection of music and curated playlists.


Student cost: $4.99/month after 1 month trial or free with ads

Spotify is especially popular among college students for its student discount which also includes a Hulu and Showtime subscription. Spotify is especially adept at curating personalized playlists such as their Daily Drive playlist which combines news with music and their Discover Weekly playlist with music similar to your tastes.


Student Cost: $4.99/month or free with ads

SoundCloud is most well known as a platform for independent artists to post their music. Listeners have access to up and coming artists as well as popular tracks. The site is free but you have the option of purchasing SoundCloud Go+ to listen ad-free and offline.


Student Cost: $4.99/month or free with ads

Pandora offers music streaming with their radio stations based on your favorite artists and songs. They offer a premium subscription with offline, on-demand, and ad-free listening as well.

YouTube Music

Student Cost: $4.99/month after 1 month free trial or free with ads

YouTube Music heavily features music videos on their streaming platform. Their set up is similar to other streaming platforms. Your content is also linked to your general YouTube account.

Hopefully, this gave you a glimpse into a few of the top music streaming platforms! Check out some more of our blog posts for more tips tailored to college students.

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15 College Student Benefits You Might Not Know About

October 29, 2012
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College is a unique time in life. When else will you be surrounded by people your own age, and study among people with your same academic interests? It’s the time when you’re existing in that state of not being a kid anymore, but not quite being a grown adult yet either. But did you know that college is also a time when you can get tons of discounts and rewards just for being a student? Businesses and schools have perks for students that a lot of people don’t know about. Here are 15 that are definitely worth checking out:

1. Amazon Prime Student
If you’re an online shopper, this one’s for you. By signing up with Prime Student, you’ll be offered a variety of exclusive discounts, and get six months of free two-day shipping on eligible purchases. You’ll also qualify for Amazon Music with no ads, for $0.99 per month, and unlimited streaming of Prime Video.


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