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5 Perfect College Break Destinations

August 27, 2020

Feeling weighed down by the stress of college life? A memorable vacation may be just what you need to take a break from the books and clear your mind. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore a little bit of history, the following destinations are ideal for any college student craving a much-needed break.

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is a European destination gaining popularity among travelers due to its gorgeous beaches and cultural landmarks. Walk along the famous streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia, to encounter impressive architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. Consider taking a Croatia cruise to experience the beauty and history of this unique country.

2. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Visit beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica, to enjoy one of the world’s most stunning beaches. The beaches here feature crystal blue waters and calm waves. A visit to this area’s beaches may even allow you to get up close and personal with local wildlife, as the great Leatherback Sea Turtles nest near Tamarindo between November and April. Spend your days taking in the natural wonders of the region, then head out for a night on the town to enjoy the vibrant local culture. If you’re looking to experience nature and nightlife, Tamarindo could be a great option.

3. Panama City, Florida

Florida has long been the go-to destination for spring breakers. In recent years, Panama City has solidified itself as a college break hotspot. After a day spent enjoying the sunny beaches, dance the night away in one of the many local nightclubs. Don’t forget to stop and have a meal and a drink at the famous Margaritaville. No matter when you visit Panama City, you’ll find yourself with endless options to relax and have fun.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Though the city is known for its Mardi Gras celebrations, New Orleans is a great destination to visit any time of the year. This historic city features unique architecture, delicious food, lively music and interesting local culture. The French Quarter is the center of all the action, with must-see destinations including Jackson Square, Decatur Street shopping and the raucous party atmosphere of Bourbon Street. No matter where you go in the French Quarter, you’re surrounded by a medley of interesting sights, sounds and smells. It’s clear that a trip to New Orleans is a great option if you’re looking to take a break from the stresses of college.

5. Niagara Falls, New York

For those looking for a more laid-back escape from the college grind, consider visiting Niagara Falls. For centuries, people have flocked to this unique natural landmark to experience the beauty and power of nature. Get an up-close look at the Falls by taking an afternoon cruise on the iconic Maid of the Mist, then continue your exploration of nature by visiting the Botanical Gardens or take a hike at Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. Spend a few days at the natural wonder that is Niagara Falls to take advantage of the healing properties of time spent in nature.

As a busy college student, you deserve a rest from your studies to relax and recharge. Check out each of these locations to take a break from the books and enjoy life.

BIO: Brett Clawson has a degree in Business Management and has started a couple of small businesses. When he’s not focusing his time on those, he spends time with his wife and two sons. His oldest son has entered the wonderful realm of college, and he now enjoys sharing tips that he and his son have found essential for college life.

Other Safety

Spring Break Tips from Packing to Protection

March 1, 2018

Spring break.  The much-needed college break.  If you are like many college students we know, you have just rushed thru mid-terms and are excited about a week with friends.  Yet – you haven’t given much thought to what to pack or what could go wrong.  So here are GradGuard’s tips for making the most of spring break.

Packing Efficiently

The key to packing smart is bringing reusable options.  Only bring multiples when necessary.  For instance, a weeklong spring break trip to a warm destination will require several swimsuits, as you’re not going to want to wear the same one all week.  However, you can save room by bringing bikini tops and bottoms that you can mix and match, creating more options without taking up extra room.  This same philosophy applies to the rest of your wardrobe.  Instead of bringing a completely separate outfit for each night you are going to go out on the town, bring pieces you can easily restyle.  

Remember The Little Things

There are several items which, if forgotten, can put a major kink in your travel plans. You may be able to buy them once you’ve arrived, but take the hassle out of your trip by remembering to pack them in the first place.  However, make sure you bring several forms of identification, cash, and your insurance cards. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but in case something happens, you need to be prepared and have necessary documentation with you.

Protect That Bag & Trip

Given the cost of travel and the stuff you have with you, it can be smart to also purchase travel insurance to cover the cost of your trip if you get sick or in some cases travel insurance can replace your baggage in the event it gets lost or stolen. Another option to consider is packing light and bringing just a carry-on, to eliminate the chances that your baggage will get on a plane to the wrong destination without you. If you do decide to check a bag, pack smart in your carry on – be sure to stash your essentials for the week in your carry on so if your bag does get lost, you’ll have what you need on hand.

Protect your stuff at home & while traveling

Of course, your parents will remind you about protecting your belongings in your hotel room and keeping a close eye on your purse.  But what about everything you’ve left back at college? Remember that renter’s insurance to help protect your things both on campus and beyond.  Purchase a renters insurance policy is smart for college students because it can protect your property both on and off campus – even when you are traveling.

Happy Travels!


Insurance for College Spring Break

March 11, 2013
Spring Break Insurance

College spring break is a week for fun, sun and feeling carefree. However, life does come with risks, as does traveling. Insurance can help mitigate those risks, but with so many different kinds, what are the plans that are most beneficial for spring break? Whether you’re a student looking to protect the cash you’re spending on your trip, or a parent worried about your student’s safety while they’re away (and possibly abroad!), here are a few plans you may want to consider to make your spring break more carefree.

Travel Insurance

Well… this one’s pretty obvious. It’s easy to skip over travel insurance and opt-out when buying your flights or booking your hotel – I mean… what are the odds that your trip logistics will get that interrupted? You can never know in advance, but you may want to consider travel insurance for spring break for several different reasons. Travel insurance can help protect you from reimbursement restrictions, can help provide you with extra protection in case of a medical event during your travels (like medical evacuation), and provide you with assistance services you may not have access to elsewhere while traveling. For a relatively low cost, travel insurance can help take care of the odds and ends if your travels hit a snag.

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Packing for Spring Break

March 7, 2013
College Spring Break Packing Tips

One Suitcase, Two Gays

For many college students across the country, spring break is looming ever nearer, or has already, well,  sprung. While most people only have thoughts of relaxing away from the stresses of college life on their mind, there are still plenty of things that need to happen before leaving for the week.

Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical locale to relax and rejuvenate for a week, or just heading home to spend time with friends and family, you’re going to need to pack enough things for a week to get you through.

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10 Ways to Make a Spring Break at Home Fun

March 5, 2013
10 Ideas for Spring Break at Home

day 80

Spring break is coming! But not everyone is heading to a Miami beach party or embarking on a tropical getaway with their friends. Are you bummed out to be staying at home this spring break? Don’t be! Make the best of it by trying these 10 ways to make your spring break at home fun.

1. Rearrange / redecorate your room
You’ve probably changed a little since you first left for college, especially if you’re an upperclassman now. If your bedroom at home doesn’t really seem “you” anymore, then redecorate it! Donate old clothes and books you don’t want anymore, rearrange furniture, update the photos in your picture frames, and even paint the walls. It will be a fun project, and it’ll be nice to come home to a spiffy new room the next time you visit.

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6 Cheap Spring Break Ideas

February 27, 2013
College Spring Break Ideas


Depending on where you go to school, spring break may feel like a long ways away, but considering we’re just weeks away from March, the countdown begins now.  The 9-day break from school is considered a college prime time as it symbolizes all that college breaks are about: relaxation before the real world.  However, what we often forget to remember is how pricey these breaks can get—trips to Florida, Cancun and elsewhere can really throw off your finances.

Looking to have a great time this spring break for an affordable price? Consider these options:

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Top 5 Spring Break Destinations: Rewards and Risks

March 2, 2012
Top 5 Spring Break Spots

For many of us, Spring Break is right around the corner. We’re pushing through these last couple of days or weeks of assignments, meetings, and internships so that we can feel the wind in our hair and be free for an entire week.

Whether you’re still searching for a destination or just want to see if your Spring Break location made the cut for the top five, we’ve got the top 2013 Spring Break destination spots for you with all of the details. Check it out!

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Spring Break: What to Pack

March 1, 2012


Over-packing.  Admit it; we’re all guilty of it at one time or another.  “Just an extra shirt” quickly turns into 5 extra shirts, two more pairs of heels, and next thing you know, you’re lugging two extra suitcases down the runway.  I used to be one of the worst offenders, convinced I needed everything from mittens to several swimsuits options for a weekend trip.  However, moving to college across the country has made me a reformed woman, and I’m here to help you do the same.

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Alternative Spring Breaks

March 1, 2012

Alternative Spring Break Volunteers

Spring Break: for many, the first words that come to mind when this phrase is mentioned are partying, tanning, and relaxing.  College spring breaks have been stereotyped in many movies as a week-long party, full of irresponsible decisions and hazy nights.  However, a new trend is emerging that combines a fun trip with giving back to the community.

What is an Alternative Spring Break?

An alternative spring break is all about taking your week off from school to volunteer your time and energy.  These include a wide variety of trips, such as rebuilding communities that have suffered from natural disasters, helping build homes for the poor, and making over community centers.  Alternative spring break trips still give you the opportunity to travel, whether domestically or abroad.  At first this may seem like a sacrifice, but in actuality students who are going on these trips aren’t giving up their spring breaks, they are making them mean something.

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Going Abroad this Spring Break

February 29, 2012
Going Abroad for Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner, you might be planning a trip to a fabulous, exotic location–maybe someplace you’ve never been before. Maybe you have friends who are currently studying abroad and you’ve decided to visit. Going abroad, even just for a short time, is a great way to check out another country’s cultures and customs. Plus you can try new foods, meet new people and get exposed to an alternative way of life!

Whether you’re going someplace cool and breezy or hot and sunny, check out our tips on how to stay safe if you plan on packing your passport this break:

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