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The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself During Finals

April 6, 2023

Arguably the most stressful week for every college student is finals week. It isn’t just one big test to prepare for in one class but, typically, several massive ones to prepare for all at once. Finals in some classes represent the most significant single portion of the grade for the entire semester. Bombing a final could literally mean failing a class.

The stress of finals week can be hard on students, and many pick up habits during dead week — the week of no classes prior to finals week — that can be pretty detrimental to their health overall. Finding good strategies to cope with the stress of finals week and make studying genuinely productive is the ultimate key to success.

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How to Better Manage Your Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of success in life as well as an educational career. Many students fail to acknowledge or regard this fact when going about their day, and they can feel the consequences. Having a regular sleep schedule and getting enough sleep…

July 15, 2021