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Prioritizing Mental Health for College-Bound Students

July 27, 2022

We might inevitably find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed at many points in college. Even before college, students know what it feels like to be stressed. It is up to us to be our own biggest advocates. It can be scary to stand up for what we need, especially as students. However, speaking up for what we need to succeed, especially in the classroom, is the only way we will thrive in college.

College is a time of many firsts, many of which can be daunting and leave us feeling very overwhelmed. It is often that students overthink and ignore the need to speak up. We need to remember that advocating for ourselves is the number one thing to keep in mind if we mean we will succeed.

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Mental Health for College Students
Health Student Life

Mental Health Tips for Neurodiverse College Students

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in every 54 kids gets diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The rates of ADD and ADHD are even higher. So, in response to neurodiversity prevalence, the neurodiversity movement sparked to challenge the negative connotation…

January 8, 2022