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Why Tuition Insurance?

July 6, 2021

Endless stress from the unknown alongside having to pay a heavy price tag can make college feel incredibly daunting. This is why you should think about protecting your investment in your education, and put “tuition insurance” at the top of your college to-do list. Insurance protects all aspects of your life, from your car to your home, so why wouldn’t you also want it to cover your pursuit of higher education?

GradGuard offers a Tuition Protection Plan that can put you and your parents’ mind at ease by providing coverage for your tuition, academic fees and housing in the event that you need to fully withdraw from school due to a covered medical condition, injury or illness. 

Sounds too good to be true? Just wait until you learn more. 

Protection From the Unexpected

There are many unexpected events that happen while in college, which is exactly why it is vital to be proactive and plan for those occurrences. Tuition insurance provides a safety net for families to feel secure in the investment of their student’s education.

It Can Give You A Second Chance

No one should be afraid of losing out on their education due to a medical reason. Whether it be injury, illness or a mental health condition, ensuring that you can bounce back after withdrawing from school can be beneficial. Tuition insurance grants you that second chance at college by allowing you to incur little to no financial loss.

Your School’s Refund Policy Isn’t Generous

You might be thinking that tuition insurance is “unnecessary” because your school will refund you your money in the event of a complete withdrawal. The reality is that this is not always the case. In fact, most colleges do not offer any money back after the fifth week of classes, and if they do, it will not cover any additional expenses paid on your behalf. Tuition insurance closes these gaps and protects not only your tuition but also your housing, academic fees and more at any point during your covered term.

Still sound too good to be true? Read some testimonials from families who have benefited from having a Tuition Protection Plan at and to learn more about how tuition insurance can protect you. 

BIO: Morgan Kubasko is going to be a freshman at Barrett, the Honors College, at Arizona State University. She is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is currently a summer intern with GradGuard.