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Why Was My Resume Rejected? 4 Mistakes You Can Correct

October 2, 2018

Writing a resume is not exactly rocket science, but creating an effective one for the first time can be a real struggle. We’re lucky to find almost everything on the internet nowadays so we can have some guidance while writing it.

Sometimes, even if you make sure everything was on point, you might still have your resume rejected. Here are 4 common reasons why your resume has failed to bring you your desired job.

Improper Proofreading

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common reasons people get their resume rejected. It’s easy to misplace a comma, add an extra letter on an essential word, or to fail to align all the bullet points, and your resume will be left unread by the recruiter.

Be sure to proofread as most recruiters use ATS software to tailor the resume first, so they can check out the best of the best. Fortunately, there are a few ways to “beat” most of today’s ATS software that your recruiters might leverage.

Too Long

Usually, a good resume has one page; no more, no less. It can be hard to fit all your relevant information, skills, and experience in just one page, but sending a 3 to 4-page long resume is too much for potential employers.

Hannah Johannes, HR manager of the company that’s considered to be the best essay writing service in the UK, suggests that “The purpose of a resume is to show your competencies but also your ability to synthesize and prioritize only the most essential information about your professional life. If you succeed to do it wisely, you’ll get the chance to get into details during the interview.”

Bad Formatting

When you write your resume, you should keep everything as simple as possible. There’s no point in choosing a “diverse” or unusual font as you don’t want to make it hard to read and digest. Stay away from fonts like Comic Sans and use Arial or Calibri instead. Try to keep the font point between 10 and 12.5 as well.

Along with font choice, you’ll want to make sure that your formatting stays intact. When it is moved to another platform (say from Word to PDF), its formatting might be altered. If you fail to take care of this aspect, this could be the reason why your resume was rejected. Just save it as a PDF – it will spare you all the trouble.

Lies, Lies, Lies

Do you ever lie on your resume? You might think that nobody will take their time to check all the information you wrote in your resume, but someone is fact-checking. Employers don’t want to risk hiring an incompetent candidate. Most resume lies are about scores on important exams, about their education, or about how long they’ve been working for a company. Always remain honest and eliminate any of those white lies that have accumulated.

If you want to stand a chance against the competition, next time you write your resume make sure you avoid all these common mistakes. Your resume is your only shot to get the interview, that’s why it’s crucial to be flawless when it reaches the recruiter’s hands. Just pay attention to details, give your best, and if you’re still not confident about your work, ask for some professional advice. 

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Work for Students: How to Earn Money in College

September 19, 2018

College is expensive. All statistics say so, and with annual tuition and fees averaging around $52,000, it’s safe to assume that most college students could benefit from an additional source of income. If you’re one of those students that need to find a way to make a quick buck from time to time, here are a few ways you can make a profit.

Food delivery

It’s a cliché but it works because it allows you to work in shifts which you can switch easily if you make that kind of agreement with the employer. It’s also not a demanding job, once your shift is done you don’t have to care about work anymore. Truth be told, it’s not going to earn you a ton of money, less you get some amazing tips, but it’s going to be enough to cover some basic expenses.

Depending on your preferences and personal skills, you can deliver food using a bike, a scooter, or a car, whichever works for you.

Online surveys

Research costs money, and advertising agencies conduct their research mostly through surveys. There are some websites where you can find a list of paid surveys that you can fill in and get some monetary gain. You can find surveys which could take about 20 minutes to complete and earn up to $10 per survey. All things considered, it’s no hassle to spend a couple of hours at your computer and earn some money.


If you’re a talented writer, college is a good place to start making money using your gift. There are freelance platforms you can sign up to, or find a writing service which looks for contributors. This option can turn into a stable stream of income, but it can also turn out to become a beginning of a successful writing career. A lot of famous writers started their careers at college, writing papers to pay for tuition and fees.


If you’re not a talented writer but you’re a good speaker or able to create stunning animation then YouTube is probably the best place to monetize your talents. It allows you to choose your own way of addressing the audience, it’s seamless because you don’t have to install any additional software and you probably already have all the hardware needed (a computer, mic, and headphones). All you have to do is create a YouTube channel or connect your already existing channel to Google AdSense and you are good to go. People will come to see your videos and YouTube will give you money for it.

Become a movie extra

This might come as a surprise to some people, but becoming a movie extra is a thing! People earn up to $150 per day as background actors. It doesn’t take too much to become an extra, especially if you have a certain experience in student films. It’s not a job where you can plan your income, but it’s a good source of income and an opportunity to build a career.

It’s not easy to make money while at college. With classes, exams, and all other obligations building pressure, the job seems like a tormenting idea. However, if you manage to find time balance and a job that fits your skill set, there’s nothing stopping you from realizing a stable passive or active income.

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Susan Saurel is a passionate writer from Texas. She is in love with traveling. Teacher of higher category, a writer for cheap essay writing service EssayWritingLand, PM in an IT company in the past, lovely mom. She wants to share her experience and knowledge with readers and she has something to say, for sure. 

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Earning While Learning: Money Making Resources for Med Students

September 5, 2018

When you’re a medical student, you can’t help but wait for the moment to start your career and become a top specialist in the field. But here’s the problem: Some claim that M.D. holders are not entitled to their dream jobs. Does it mean you should worry about your future medical career? Not at all. What it means is that you need to think of landing your first job before graduation and start building your medical career right now.

Yes, the process of job search is not that easy for students. For you to succeed, we have this list of seven resources to check and apply for your first job in medicine. You can make the most out of them to practice the skills you’re learning at university and earn some of the money all young specialists need so much while studying.

But keep in mind some details before you start surfing them:

  • Make sure their positions are open to current students.
  • Check if your knowledge and skills are enough to apply for this particular job.
  • Consider extra ways, other than applied medicine, to earn money while studying. For instance, you can try freelancing as a medical writer, offer your medical transcription services to others, and so on.
  • Decide if you have enough free time to spend on that job.

And now, check the following resources to look for a job:

1. Indeed

The best way to search for a job on this website is their listings by keywords and location. More than 500 job boards, 200 newspapers, 100 professional associations, and career centers are available at for you to easily search and find multiple job opportunities there.

2. Monster

Monster is one of the oldest job websites on the web, providing you with thousands of jobs worldwide. Job-seekers are welcome to use this resource for relocation services; independent medical professionals rate it high too.

3. Best Jobs USA

Their mission is to bring the best candidates and the best employers together. It’s not just a job board but a comprehensive resource that includes a career resources store, jobs database, resume posting, and corporate profiles.

4. Bid4Papers

This site is perfect for medical students who excel in academic writing and are looking for some freelance opportunities to use those skills in practice. Here you can join the team of academic writers on medical topics to craft and edit works of your peers, helping to polish their work.

5. College Recruiter

Enter your job title and location to start searching. This online resource targets college students, graduates, and recent graduates in particular, so it can be your perfect choice for landing your first job as a young specialist.

6. Simply Hired

Use this job search engine to find job listings and get updates by email, mobile, or social networks when new opportunities appear. As well as many other job search resources, Simply Hired is free for job-seekers, and it provides a list of jobs for medical specialists by keywords.

7. Link UP

Go to the individual boards to find a job that fits your expectations most. Numerous niche and geographic-specific boards are available here. Link UP is a free resource for all job seekers to use. It shares only current openings and lists jobs taken from 20,000 company websites.

As you see, many job opportunities are waiting for medical students at corresponding resources. They provide all of the features necessary to find freelance or part-time jobs regardless of your experience. All the skills you got in college can help to earn extra money: try medical writing, blogging, research, assistance, and don’t forget about summer internships.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans,” John Lennon once said. But the time will come when you need to start planning your medical career, and there’s no reason to postpone this moment. Now you have a guide to take one step forward. And of course, don’t forget to continue your renters insurance coverage! Did you know that GradGuard offers renters insurance to you even if you are not presently attending a university? That’s right! So you can take advantage of our low deductibles and worldwide personal property coverage even when you are onto bigger things. Visit our website for a free quote.

Author: Lesley Vos is a private educator and career specialist for students from Chicago. She is a seasoned web writer, contributing to many publications on business, career, and self-development. Feel free to say hi and see more works of Lesley on Twitter

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How to Sound More Confident When You’re Secretly Shy

September 4, 2018

Just like there are people who are naturally gifted at public speaking and meeting new people, there are others who are unable to sound confident while trying to address wallpaper, let alone other human beings other. The reasons for shyness vary from social influences like being talked at by others in the past, personal fears of being misinterpreted, and all the way to genetic predispositions. As the matter of fact, some research indicates that there around 20 percent of people in the world with a genetic predisposition to be shy.

No matter the reason, there are techniques that can help people overcome their issues and sound more confident while speaking.

Speak slowly

Speaking too fast displays nervousness, and shows that the speaker is not totally confident in what he or she is saying. Make pauses, speaks slowly, and emphasize words. This will give away an impression of self-confidence, knowledge, and experience. If you just burst your words out, the listeners will both have a problem understanding you, and doubt the credibility of your statement.

Control your posture

Our body speaks more than we think. Make sure to keep eye contact while speaking, turning away from people means you have something to hide or aren’t sure of what you’re talking about. Don’t wiggle your hands around too much, and only use them to emphasize or help people visualize your ideas.


There is a saying that a smile is contagious. It makes you seem more approachable and confident to those who listen to you, while at the same time you transfer positive emotions to your audience. However, don’t overdo it; otherwise, you will seem awkward which is counterproductive.


This piece of advice works universally, not only when you’re overcoming an insecurity. Before you head out to that job interview, business meeting, or presentation take some time to practice what you’re going to say and how you’re going to act during the talk. You could even throw in a few speed bumps, such as having a friend act like your listener who interrupts you or asks for additional info, etc.


Don’t think that people who listen to you just wait for you to make a mistake so they can taunt you. Remember to breathe slowly, and keep in mind that as long as you’re calm you will be in control of each word that you say. Even if you say something wrong, there’s a huge chance that nobody will notice, especially if the speaker goes on for a while.

You can use these tips whenever you want to make people listen to you. You can combine several tips and master the ability to sound confident. In time, with enough practice, you will learn to use these techniques without a problem. 

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Author bio: Thomas Lovecraft runs a small business in California. He likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. He is an ornithology lover and an amateur songwriter; he is also a content strategist at Follow him on Twitter.

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What Do College Students Want in an Internship?

August 2, 2018

The notion of working in exchange for valuable experience isn’t new.  For thousands of years, in an effort to understand and gain the skills required in a specific profession, the world’s youth have been following the guidance of accomplished professionals.  

Today’s internships have come a long way from the apprenticeships of yore, but one fact remains the same: a good internship is invaluable.  

Recognizing the importance of this unique, in-the-field training, LendEDU recently completed a survey of over fourteen hundred college students. One of their goals was to determine exactly what it is college students were looking for, where they found their internships, and what they’d be doing.  

Before we get into some of the key findings from that survey, let’s consider why it is that college students should even consider an internship in the first place.

Why are College Internships Important?

On the surface, an internship is meant to provide real-world, practical experience that allows students to make the valuable connections between the theoretical (i.e., classroom, books, etc.) and the “real”. Further, this experience can hone existing skills and cultivate new, more advanced ones, both of which will serve as the foundation of a strong professional career.

However, the importance of an internship exceeds the fundamental, knowledge-based benefits.  Not only can the right internship lead to an increase in earnings, it can also give aspiring professionals access to valuable connections, the opportunity to acclimate themselves to the demands of the workplace, and really, the opportunity to decide if they’re heading in the right academic and professional direction.

In addition, in this highly competitive world, an internship can provide students with a much-needed edge that will put them ahead of the millions of students that graduate, and subsequently look for jobs, every year. Also, internships aren’t only valuable to students.  Organizations that provide comprehensive internship programs, and treat interns with professional courtesy can gain valuable, long-term employees with fresh ideas.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top findings from our internship survey:

Most Internships Are Found Through Connections

It’s no secret that in many aspects of life, it’s all about “who you know,” and according to 43 percent of the students polled, that sentiment rings true, as many of them found their internship through family connections.

As for the other 57 percent?  It turns out that individual efforts (kudos to you) prompted 31 percent to disclose that they found the internship on their own by searching the internet.  Further 21 percent turned to their college career center, and five percent found an internship through their extracurricular activities.

College Students Want a Tech Internship

Tech jobs have been in demand since the early 1990s, and for college students searching for field experience, the tech industry is still a popular niche, with 50 percent of those selecting “tech company” when asked “which type of company would you rather intern at?”

Perhaps that’s not too shocking, as internships at some of the top tech firms in today’s economy provide access to an array of experience opportunities, including everything from social media and marketing skills to supply chain and I.T. experience.

That’s not to say that other avenues aren’t viable.  Other students may turn to a variety of industries, including the more traditional world of banking, to fulfill their internship needs.

Networking Valued More than Pay for College Students

Paid or unpaid, that’s the question.  While some consider the verdict to be out, many consider paid internships to be the winner, with 72% of paid internships resulting in a full-time offer, with just over 43% of unpaid internships resulting in the same outcome.  

However, that’s not to say that the dollar sign is the motivating factor. When over seven hundred students were asked if they would prefer an internship that would open a lot of doors or one that would be a bit friendlier come payday, a whopping 93 percent saw value in the doors, not the dollars.  Proof that many students grasp the importance of making those connections early on in their academic and professional careers, with the hope that the paycheck will improve based on that established network.

Colleges and university are jam-packed with millions of students working their way to what they hope is a rewarding career path, and for those that really want to make the most of their efforts, an internship is a must.  From connections and experience to better jobs and higher earnings, in-the-field training is the way to go! Interested in hearing more about the interns at GradGuard? You can learn more about them in our previous post here


Mike is a Research Analyst at LendEDU, a personal finance company. In his role, Mike uses data-driven study to tell a unique story and identify emerging trends; his work has been featured in outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Forbes, and CNBC. In his spare time, Mike enjoys going to some of the biggest horse races in the country, playing basketball, and brushing up on U.S. history.



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Three Cheers for Our Interns!

July 26, 2018

Happy National Intern Day! GradGuard wanted to give a special shoutout to the fabulous interns we have this summer! They work hard every day to put smiles on customer’s faces, complete agency-wide projects, and write one of a kind blog posts. Take a few moments to get to know these important members of our GradGuard team!



Kyle started his internship in May and has been thriving ever since. His unique sense of humor and useful handy-man skills have become a staple within the GradGuard team.

What is your university, major, and what drove you to pick that major?

“I attend Arizona State University. I’m getting my bachelor’s degree in marketing, and I chose it because it gives me the ability to solve problems creatively and from multiple angles.”

What is your favorite thing that you have learned from being an intern at GradGuard? 

“My favorite thing I’ve learned from my time at GradGuard is understanding the mindset of the insurance agency. Also, I loved learning about vegan cheese from Morgan.”

What is your favorite inter-office snack that GradGuard offers? 


What is your dream job?

“General Manager for the Seattle Seahawks.”

How do you take your coffee?


Who is your favorite superhero?

“Starlord. (call me basic all you want).”

What is a fun fact about yourself?

“I have been to 47 states.”

Kyle’s most recent post about campus commuting can be found here.



Nhi joined GradGuard in June and has hit the ground running! She is passionate about the environment and brings her infectious smile and fabulous fashion sense to the office.

What is your university, major, and what drove you to pick that major?

 “I go to Arizona State University and I am majoring in Business Communication with a certificate in professional sales. I chose this major because I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, but I enjoy helping people and want to have my own business eventually, and I believe my major is broad enough to allow me to do what I want to do once I figure it out later on.”

What is your favorite thing that you have learned from being an intern at GradGuard?

“From my short time being an intern at GradGuard, I’m glad to have learned how transparent we are with everything, from how the policy works to how GradGuard operate as a company. I also personally think that we provide great customer service and always respond in a timely manner, and I strongly believe the customers feel the same way. I also like learning that Morgan is a vegan and that Stephanie enjoys cheesy reality TV shows like me.” 

What is your favorite inter-office snack that GradGuard offers?

“The veggie chips and Rice Krispie Treats.”

What is your dream job?

“As mentioned, I still have yet to figure out exactly what I want to do. But my dream job would have to involve traveling to different places and learning about others cultures, all while being well dressed of course.”

How do you take your coffee?

“I like to say that I like a little bit of coffee with my creamer because I tend to overdo it with the non-dairy creamer. Not too strong, not too sweet.”

Who is your favorite superhero?

“Thor and Captain America (only for their physical features).”

What is a fun fact about yourself?

“My favorite place to be is Trader Joe’s, even if I don’t need to buy anything.”

You can find Nhi’s most recent blog post about packing for summer travels here.

GradGuard just wouldn’t be the same without our summer team! We thank them for everything they’ve done for us and everything they continue to do. We hope you celebrate with your companies interns today and maybe ask them how they take their coffee. Happy National Intern Day!

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5 Hobbies in College That Can Make You a Better Employee

May 17, 2018

Presumably, you are working your head off in college to graduate with a high GPA and hopefully land a well-paying job. That’s great, but did you know that the activities you engage in while in college can improve your experiences as an employee in the future? A recent study revealed that people who engage in creative hobbies were more productive and innovative at their workplaces. That said, below are some hobbies that will make you better in your work:

Community Work

Of all the things you do in college, nothing is more satisfying than working with your local community as a volunteer, unpaid worker or facilitator of charity events. It might not provide much in terms of monetary gains, but you learn some coordination and leadership skills, not to mention the goodwill that you get from the community. Essentially, you gain a new perspective from which to approach life.

Playing Musical Instruments

Regularly practicing and playing musical instruments is a rewarding undertaking that admittedly comes with ups and downs. Sometimes, you will think that you’ve learned enough keys to play the piano, but the next time you play, you suddenly happen to forget your steps. Through the disappointments and false starts, however, you develop traits such as self-discipline, ability to withstand failure, and learn persistence. These traits, as renowned businessman Panos Panay noted, make very successful entrepreneurs.


Writing is one of those activities that require you to be alert, creative and focused at the same time. It’s also a way of expressing yourself and releasing tension and feelings of anger. Writing regularly can make your brain more creative as you try to find topics to write about and the words to use. The advantages of writing as a hobby do not end at the workplace, however, as creative writing skills are still needed in college. This is more so when tackling topics that require critical thinking and good writing skills such as qualitative research essays and cause and effect paragraph topics.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise is a great way to, not only get your body in shape and your health in check, but to also keep your mental health on track. The mental benefits of exercise which are relevant to your work performance include reduced stress and tension, improved concentration, feelings of satisfaction, and high self-esteem. When you’re feeling good about your body and have more energy, it will be reflected in your work performance. Your relationships with your colleagues and superiors will also improve, and thus you will be able to achieve more. Getting involved with exercises while still in college is a great way to cultivate a long-term habit that is beneficial to your physical, mental, and social health.


As a student, reading is a routine activity that’s seen as boring by most. Yet, reading lots of non-academic books or literature can be a source of fresh ideas, new knowledge, and perspectives. Reading different types of books further expands your knowledge bank and helps you see the world as the authors saw it. Depending on the genre that you read, you might even get a few useful tips on improving your job performance or getting better grades in college. If you listen to the most successful people in business and the world, including Former President Obama and Warren Buffet, they all admit being zealous readers and for a good reason.

There is really no sure way of being a good employee or finding a job. It’s all a matter of doing the things that work (like the tips above), and the results will come with time. Some of the hobbies named, like exercising, may be hard or expensive to start but as long as you are determined, they are very doable.

Which of your college hobbies has helped you be better at work? Share with us below.

Are you interested in seeing if your hobbies are making a difference in the workplace? Want to learn more about insurance? Consider joining us! GradGuard is currently hiring for summer interns. Come be apart of a team that is infectious, exciteful, and always welcoming of new faces. Email your resume to today!

Unable to intern? No problem! We are currently figuring out projects for our summer team to work on!

Take our survey and let us know what you would like to see from GradGuard’s summer team.


Bio: Jake Lester is an essay writer that is fond of writing about various spheres of life. The most recurring themes he covers are education, writing, and marketing. He has his own writing style and this is why he is appreciated by readers. You may look through Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

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5 Tips For Selling Back Your Textbooks

May 8, 2018

Starting a new semester of school can be exciting; until reality sets in when you get the bill for your textbooks. Luckily, students have numerous options. One thing to keep in mind is that your textbooks can be sold back at the end of the semester in order for you to recoup some of your costs. What do you need to know about selling textbooks to make the most of the experience?

  1. Take care of your textbooks. To maximize potential payout, ensure you are maintaining the condition of your textbooks throughout the duration of the semester. Avoid folding pages or marking in the books with pens or highlighters. When you want to note or remember information from your books a best practice would be to utilize sticky notes or tab markers and coordinate them with digital notes. 
  2. Sell at the right time. The sooner you try to sell your book, the better. Why? When you sell back your book as soon as the semester is ending, you take advantage of the prime buying season. Additionally, you minimize the chance that a class has switched to a different book or more updated version. 
  3. Compare buyback prices at multiple resources. The web is filled platforms in which to sell back your books. Since it only takes a few minutes to shop online, why not compare buyback rates at various sites? Explore the current going rates on specific textbooks, looking at various book-selling sites, and then you can rest easy that you’re getting a good price. You wouldn’t purchase the books without comparing prices, why would you sell them? 
  4. Ask around. Your roommates, friends or fellow students may be willing to cut out the middleman and buy back your book directly — especially if it saves them money from the bookstore rates.
  5. Consider renting. At the beginning of a new semester, some people will be pressed for time or money and need a book fast. Let them rent your book for the course duration with the condition that you receive it back at the end. This creates the potential for a profit due to recurring revenue on one textbook. On the downside, you have to ensure that you receive the book back at the end of the semester. 

Selling your textbooks online is a smart way to stretch your budget and save money on schooling. When your next semester is ending, use the above tips to get the best buyback rates!

Now that your books are taken care of and summer is on the way, why not protect your most important belongings? GradGuard is one of the leading renters insurance companies on the market and prides themselves on catering directing to students with their student endorsement. GradGuard provides worldwide personal property coverage for college students! So whether you’re traveling to another country this summer or just going to another state with your family, consider being covered by GradGuard today!


Author bio: Woody Hunt, VP of Marketplace
Woody Hunt has been involved in building software solutions for the book industry since 2003. His major projects include the BookVolume online sourcing platform and Skyo e-commerce site, which have driven a combined transaction volume exceeding $100 million. Hunt sold his business, Wobo Inc, to Follett in March 2016. He is now VP of Marketplace at Follett, a parent company of
ValoreBooks. He is currently responsible for aspects of the Follett Marketplace division.

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Promising Career Paths for International Students

April 27, 2018

The world has become a global village in the last two decades, which makes international travel and communication easier than ever. Globalization motivates more and more students each year to go abroad and get a foreign degree. Today, there are over 500 thousand international students in the US alone.

Many students return home, but some are willing to stay in the country post-graduation. If you are one of those college graduates, it would be beneficial for you to get to know the labor market and prepare for your future career. In this article, we’ll show you the most promising careers international students should consider.

How To Prepare For The Job Search

According to HR specialists at Aussie Writings, you should get some initial experience before pursuing a full-time position in your desired field. This way, you’ll make sure that the position you pick fits your personal interests and skills. There are 4 basic ways to explore interesting occupations:

  • Career planning: Visit the career planning office to learn about trending industries at your university.
  • Training: Apply for the professional training course provided by a local company.
  • Volunteer: This is a resume booster showing that you are passionate about something that doesn’t make you money. This is something that many companies look during the hiring process.
  • Internship: It can provide valuable insights into day-to-day activities of a company. Instead of diving in head first, you can test the waters.

Careers In The IT Sector

With the rise of the Internet, jobs related to new technologies experienced a huge breakthrough. The IT sector is the fastest-growing labor market, while the average salary of an IT specialist is more than $62 thousand per year. Computer technologies generate the biggest number of profitable positions. Here are some of the best career options in this industry:

  • Software Developer: It seems as if an entire world depends on digital tools, software, and apps. Every device, vehicle, or machine needs special programming and that is why software developer takes the number one position on our list.
  • Computer System Analyst: Computer system analysis is more complex than software development. All companies, however big or small, already need to integrate and synchronize their programs. With the emergence of the Internet, computer system analyst jobs will experience further expansion.
  • Big Data Specialist: You’ve probably heard that more data has been produced in the last two years than during the entire history of human civilization. This gives companies a lot of unstructured information to process, which is impossible without help from big data specialists. Since businesses want to make data-driven decisions, you could capitalize on this trend.
  • VR Designer: Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest talk of the town. The total number of active VR users already reached 171 million globally and the demand is growing.
  • Blockchain Developers: Bitcoin caused mass cryptocurrency hysteria in the previous three years. Even though digital coins are based on the blockchain, the new technology has many more applications – from IT and banking to cybersecurity and communication. In such circumstances, we definitely recommend the career of a blockchain developer.

Promising Occupations In Other Industries

IT rules the modern business, but it doesn’t mean that other industries are any less attractive for international students. On the contrary, there are a lot of promising professions recommended below:

  • Digital Content Creator: Content creation is the most influential segment of contemporary marketing. As a result, the demand for digital content producers is exponentially growing.
  • School Teacher: Remember that amazing teacher you had growing up? You could be one of them! If you are bilingual, you would be a great asset to the school system as well as likely have increased compensation. High School teachers are projected to see an employment growth of 8% until 2026. Getting your foot in the door now is a promising opportunity. Many schools have higher compensation for bilingual applicants.
  • Genetic Engineer: It may sound scary but genetic engineering is our future. If you enjoy medicine, molecular biology, and similar sciences, perhaps you should look into a position as a genetic engineer.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Robotics and 3D printing are breathing a new life into mechanical engineering, so this profession is now attracting a lot of international students. The median salary is not bad – it’s just below $69 thousand a year.
  • Health Service Manager: New technologies are changing traditional healthcare systems, causing numerous medical, legal, and regulatory changes. Health service managers must help hospitals and other medical facilities to adapt to those changes. With the future of healthcare everchanging, this is a vital job in today’s society.

Ready To Start The Job Hunt?

Starting a career in a new country can be daunting, but your school’s career center is a great reference and support system to alleviate any nerves. Whether you’re a new grad or an incoming freshman, we strongly recommend meeting with an advisor and planning ahead as soon as you can.

Are you in the Phoenix area looking to gain experience in higher education, finance, social media, standard business operations, and more? GradGuard is presently hiring for 2019 Summer Interns. Please e-mail your resume to You may also visit our Facebook page to view the job description.

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10 Job Search Resources for College and Beyond

September 22, 2015

There are few tasks as stressful and time consuming as searching for a job while also balancing the rigors of college. Things don’t get any easier immediately post-graduation. So, why not get all of the help you can? Here are a list of ten resources that are sure to make the job search a little easier, and a little more fruitful.

This websites hits on the three main interests of job seeking college students and recent grads. These are entry level positions, internships, and part-time work. Students can post their resumes, look through posted jobs, and get lots of great job search advice. Job searches can be performed by top job categories, or through Career Rookie’s vertical channel which allows students to search some of the more popular employers and career fields.

My Next Move

Do you know exactly what you want to do after you graduate? Do you have it narrowed down to a few choices? Do you have absolutely no clue? No matter where you are, My Next Move is a great resource for you. You can look for the perfect job by industry or enter in specific keywords related to the job you would like to have. If you are completely flummoxed on where to start, they have a utility that will suggest possible careers for you based on your talents and interests.

Smart Custom Writing

This is an online writing service that is perhaps most well-known for helping students with their writing assignments. What many students are discovering though is that is also a great resource for help with resume and CV writing, design, and editing. This premium writing service also offers students help with custom written cover letters tailored to each position. No student should begin their job search without a professionally written resume. Why not rely on a company that has a proven history of helping college students?


This is another great internet based resource for students. Don’t let the bare-boned web design fool you. What Experience lacks in flashy graphics, it more than makes up for in solid information for job-seeking students. You’ll get access to available jobs and internships along with great information on other topics such as interviewing tips and the best companies to work for.

College Recruiter

Do you have your sights set on starting your career in a major metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, Dallas, New York or Chicago? Are you interested in throwing your hat in the ring for one of the most sought after internships in the country? If so book mark College Recruiter as it is essentially your central repository for the jobs and internships you are seeking.


Why limit your job search to just one country when there are opportunities all over the world. This is especially true if you are a domestic relations student or are pursuing a career in international business. Ihipo is the perfect online source for students seeking job opportunities in other countries. You can search overseas jobs and internships, plus get excellent advice on your international career aspirations.

Campus Career Center

This is a solid job search resource for students anywhere looking for job while they are in college or a career once they have graduated. All you need to do is create an account on Campus Career Center. Then, you can search for jobs all over the country. In addition to this, recruiters will be able to access your resume information and contact you with available positions. This is a particularly great website for students interested in a civil service career.

Monster College

This is the division of Monster that is dedicated to helping college students get off on the right foot when it comes to finding the perfect job. It provides students with the ability to search for entry level jobs, but the resources don’t end there. Monster College provides students with advice on putting together their portfolios, financial advice, job search help, career advice, internship information, and scholarship resources.


This isn’t any networking site. LinkedIn is flagship networking website of virtually every career field there is. No student should start their job search before creating a profile and connecting with past employers, instructors, other students, and mentors. You never know when these connections will help you get the job of your dreams.

Office Politics

Nobody wants to believe that they are impacted by the game that is office politics, but the truth is they are. As a student, the faster you learn how to navigate office politics and use them to your advantage, the better off you will be. Office Politics approaches these lessons with a tongue in cheek sense of humor and a reminder that mastering office politics does not require dishonesty or underhanded manipulation. This is a great blog for students getting started in the business world.

About the author: Julie Ellis – the founder and editor at Premier Essay. Her wide experience in the field of education, self-improvement and psychology gives her the opportunity to help all people that are willing to make the world better. Learn more about her and connect on Twitter, and Google+.