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Finding the Best School For You

August 15, 2019

For many high school seniors, the transition period between high school and college can be just as stressful as it can be exciting. One of the major stress factors during this period is deciding what college students are going to attend. Many factors go into this decision.

The Basics

There are some general things to look at when choosing a school; price, location, school size, grade/test score requirements, available programs, and student living conditions are just a few of the main aspects that future college students are looking at. A great way to narrow down the search is by figuring out three things that you want in a college. From those three categories, you should be able to gather a list of 5-10 schools that interest you. 

Go On a Tour

The next step is to make your best effort to visit all of the schools you are focusing on. The visit is one of the most important steps of picking a school because it gives you the option to try the school on for size. Just like a pair of shoes, you will not know if it’s a comfortable fit until you check it out in real life. When visiting the school try to schedule a guided tour. It’s the best way to get the most out of your visit. Tour guides are normally students who know their way around and can highlight some important areas of the campus. This also gives you the ability to ask questions. Asking questions helps ensure you know as much about the school as you possibly can.

Take Notes

After each visit, be sure to make notes of the highlights. Having a physical list in front of you can help with the decision process; you are able to see the pros, the cons, and the things you might need to know more about before making the big choice.

From here you should be able to make an educated and confident decision of the school you will be attending. While making this decision can be stressful,  gathering as much information about the schools will make the process go smoother. No matter your preferences, if you put in the due diligence, finding the right school to put you on the path to success is possible.

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An Illustrated Guide to Planning a College Visit

March 20, 2017

Every year, hundreds of high school juniors and seniors travel to their potential university to receive a firsthand view. What better way to compare schools by getting great hands on experience and exploring the area with mom and dad?

Planning which university to attend can be an overwhelming process, but it can also be a great opportunity to find the perfect fit and have fun while doing it. It is impossible to tour every college, especially if your choices are far away from one another. This is where planning comes into play. Start your search by researching schools online, take a virtual tour, browse through the admissions section, check out the classes offered and events taking place. Try and visit all different types of schools from urban to more rural, large, small, far away from home and the one in your backyard. Get a good feel of exactly what you want, and you might be surprised!

A visit to a college gives you the opportunity to speak with students, faculty and staff, and even see a dorm room! It’s important to begin to accumulate a running list of questions to ask along the way to prevent judging a book by its cover. “How to Plan a College Visit” by Amy Whitley does a great job of placing all the important areas into easy and actionable guides.

Here are some highlights:

Plan your visit in advance and book a tour ahead of time.

Try and avoid busy times such as move-in day and times where the campus might be empty, like a school holiday.

Don’t forget to take in your surroundings and ask questions. How do students get around? What is the general atmosphere around campus?

Check out the nearby hangout spots and neighborhood to get a feel for the community surrounding campus.

Make your college visit a family trip, tour the city, check out the local cuisine and embrace this exciting time!

For more tips on planning your college visit, check out the full post here.