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5 Tips for International Students

August 16, 2022

Your first year at college is already daunting, and for international students, the addition of navigating a new country doesn’t make it any easier. College is a new stage of life full of surprises and new experiences and adjusting to a new environment. There can be a culture shock when attending a school in a different state, let alone a foreign country. 

Depending on where you are coming from, living in the U.S. can be vastly different than what your use too!

As students from all over the world prepare for their first year in college, we’ve compiled a list of some helpful tips for international students.

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Safety Student Life

Spring Break: A College Student’s Guide to Risks

Nationwide, nearly 20 million college students are preparing to take their midterm exams before heading off to enjoy spring break. With dropping Covid-19 case numbers and an overall better outlook on the pandemic, many students are extra eager to escape from hectic college life. …

March 7, 2022
Student Life

Best Student Discounts for 2022

Attending a university can be costly, from books to a meal plan, it can be overwhelming for a student to manage their finances for the first time. Here is a list of the best student discounts available in 2022.…

February 25, 2022

Valentine’s Day: College Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day! What will you be doing this year to celebrate? Maybe you’ve got a great date planned, a girls’ night, an intramural game, or a night of lots of studying for midterms. Whatever your plans are, there’s no wrong way to celebrate!…

February 14, 2022