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Quick Car Tips for Winter

November 5, 2020

Winter is around the corner, but  some of us have already seen the first dustings of snow. While snow may be beautiful to look at, it can difficult for some of us to manage.

One of the worst aspects of snow? Driving. Getting where you need to be can be complicated and even a little terrifying when blizzards, whiteouts, ice, tough road conditions and snow-related accidents could happen.

Tips for Making Sure Your Vehicle Runs Safely and Smoothly:

Add snow tires to your holiday wish list

In many parts of the country, regular tires may not be enough come December and January. Snow tires are a perfect addition to any vehicle during the tough winter months–the more durable the snow tire, the better. Also, make sure to check your tire pressure often. Ice, salt and snow can do a number on your car’s tires.

Be aware of parking conditions

Remember to check the news, radio stations and social media outlets often for updates on parking conditions where you live. When a storm hits, the first thing to go is parking. Don’t be left looking for a spot for hours or stuck with a parking ticket–keep up with your town or city’s current parking situation all winter long.

Get a car insurance quote

In case anything happens to your car this winter, make sure you have the proper insurance You can find an auto insurance quote that will fit your needs, no matter where you live. Having an insured vehicle will grant you peace of mind, since there is the possibility of weather-related accidents.

Be prepared

If you don’t already have an emergency kit in your car, assemble one this winter! Include basic car necessities like jumper cables, flares and a flashlight while also adding a wintertime touch: don’t forget a blanket, small shovel and a first aid kit.

Hope these tips keep you safe while driving this winter!

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Types of Insurance New Grads Should Consider

May 20, 2016
Insurance Guide for New Grads

Graduation. You made it! Congratulations! Undergrad is behind you, and you’re about to embark on the next phase of your life. And while that is super exciting, it can be nerve-wracking and even a little bit risky. Some of those risks, however, can be mitigated with the right types of insurance. As you start off on your own as a young adult, you may start building a life you’ll want to protect, and insurance can help you do just that. Whether it’s a job, grad school, traveling or the unknown that’s next for you, insurance can be an important part of building your finances.

1. Health Insurance

You’re young, you’re healthy… do you really need health insurance? Soon you’ll be required to have it under new healthcare legislation, and in the meantime it is valuable coverage to have. Young adults have the highest rate of injury-related emergency department visits of all age groups (source), so it is wise to consider a plan in case of an accident or illness. Health insurance comes in many forms, so what is best for you? It all depends on your situation. Be sure to speak with an agent to review your options before purchasing insurance.

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution! How Insurance Can Help

January 8, 2014
Keep Your New Year's Resolution! How Insurance Can Help

Ah, 2014. A new year is upon us! Have you resolved to make any changes in the new year? If your resolution has to do with saving more money, sticking to a budget, making wiser financial decisions or the like – don’t forget to consider insurance! Insurance is an important piece of building a solid financial foundation because it helps to minimize your financial risks.

Don’t know much about insurance? This new year is a good time to learn a little more about it. Insurance can help provide you with valuable protection from potential risks, like if you need to replace your laptop if it’s stolen or visit the doctor because you’ve caught the bug that’s been going around the dorms. Both scenarios can be quite expensive, but with the right insurance, you won’t have to dig up the cash.

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Holiday Fun

December 16, 2013
Holiday Cookie Insurance Scene

The holiday season has arrived and our offices have gotten into the holiday spirit this past week! We had an interoffice holiday cookie decorating contest and the creativity is astounding! You can tell we’ve got insurance on the brain from both entries, and we sure had fun while working on our creations.

You may recognize some of our insurance and benefit products blended into this festive scene our Phoenix office created as their entry. Can you spy the cookie graduate? We love how they used so much candy and the pretzels – so creative! This is one scene that is good enough to eat!

Our Boston office created a cookie movie warning drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. The stop-animation film is so clever!

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Pros and Cons to Having a Car on Campus

September 17, 2013


Now that the new school year is here, you may still be deciding if having your car on campus is worth it or not. On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to go wherever you want, but on the other hand, do you really want to be the one carting your friends around everywhere? To help you make the important decision, look to the list of pros and cons below.


1. Grocery shopping: It’s a hassle to walk back from the grocery store with all of your bags, and sometimes the store isn’t even in walking distance, If you want to be able to buy and make your own food, a car may be needed for grocery shopping.

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The NEW!

February 5, 2013

Today is a big day for all of us here at GradGuard – we have launched our new website!

The team has been working hard to create a site that serves our customers and their families even better, striving to make insurance and benefits easier to navigate, purchase and understand. We’ve created a navigation system that allows parents, students and grads to find the right types of plans for them. Our front-end and back-end engineers have been working hard to create a site that moves swiftly, from product pages through to the enrollment funnel. And finally, we’ve added a whole new section of the site, the Resource Center, to help young adults and their families better understand insurance, our products and the risks they may face through FAQs, videos, a glossary and more.

All the above, and a beautiful new look to boot. We know you lead a busy lifestyle, so we’ve made the site easy to navigate even when you’re on the go. Whether you’re browsing from your laptop in the library, your iPad while traveling or on your phone while running about campus or killing time on your lunch break, the new is easy to browse on the fly.

Stay tuned – this website re-launch is only just the beginning! In the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more products suited to students, young adults and their families, and our resource center is ever-growing. A huge thank you goes out to everyone on our team for making this possible, especially Mike Brennan, Paul Pennelli, Brian Kelley, Charlie Russ, Ivan Lenkov and Elizabeth Montgomery. You guys rock!

We would love to hear your feedback on the new design. Leave a comment below, send a Tweet to @GradGuard, or Like us on Facebook to leave a message on our wall to let us know what YOU think!


5 Things You Should Have In Your Car at School

September 14, 2012
Car at College

Goodwin Hall Tiltshift

Having your car at school can be a great thing – for one thing, it means extra storage for you! But there are a few things you should make sure to have in your vehicle, should you ever need to use them.

1. A spare tire – I feel like this goes without saying, but you really ought to have an extra tire in your car. Many people are far from home when they’re at school, and going to a auto shop near your university can be expensive. It’s better to have your own spare, and at least have a general idea on how to replace it. If you get stuck, there’s always Google, or you probably have a good chance of finding someone who can help you on your campus.

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Insurance for Young Adults Can Be A Smart Buy

August 3, 2012

Insurance may seem like something that only adults out in the real world need— or can afford— to get.  But what about young adults?  Well, whether you’re nearing college, currently in college, or recently graduated, there are many reasons why insurance might be a good idea for you.

Just yesterday, NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) shared an article entitled “Congress Troubled By College Costs” on their website.  Donald Heller, Dean of the College of Education at Michigan State University, admitted: “The world of higher education finance is a complex and mysterious place […].”  The high cost of tuition is obviously hitting students hard, but other aspects of college life are notably expensive, too.  Housing, health care, and travel are among the list of expenses young adults face.  Luckily, there are various forms of insurance so that you can be matched with a plan that best suits your life.  So start demystifying your higher education finances now by looking at insurance opportunities!

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Protecting Your Car on Campus

March 29, 2012

Car break-in

If you are lucky enough to have a car that’s all yours, then I am sure that your first thought is bringing that car to campus. Yay! No longer will you have to beg for rides to the grocery store to fulfill your food craving or wait for the bus and hope that it doesn’t start to rain too hard. But for many college students this will be the first time that they are going to have to take care of the car without someone to run to when something goes wrong. So here are some things to keep in mind when you decide to bring a car to campus.

Before you leave home make sure that you have all of the documents you will need. That means registration, proof of insurance, driver’s license, everything. The worst thing that can happen is that you get pulled over without these things. Also, make sure you know some basics about what to do or who to call if something happens to your car. For example, do you have AAA and do you always call them when your car breaks down? Another good thing to look into is finding a good mechanic nearby campus so that should your car break down you know where to take it.

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Parents and Students Should Take Insurance Inventory

September 2, 2010

People think of insurance as most important to someone at midlife, with a home and family to protect. In fact, insurance is something that college students should inventory with help from their parents.  Even seemingly small events – like a stolen laptop or mono – can impact a family’s financial well-being and a student’s academic success.

GradGuard recommends college parents and students take an inventory of the insurance that may help them reduce the harm that results from real risks surrounding college life.

Renters: Students living on- or off-campus can protect their personal items like computers, bikes, jewelry and other valuables with an inexpensive renters policy that covers theft, fire and weather-related destruction. Although parents’ homeowners policies may offer coverage for student renters, they typically carry a high deductible and may have coverage limitations for part-time students. GradGuard’s renters insurance not only includes personal property protection with replacement cost but also provides personal liability coverage. The average cost is less than $150/year, including up to $10,000 property coverage, $50,000 in personal liability and a $100 deductible. (

Tuition: According to a 2009 study by Student Monitor, 27 percent of students had to, or knew someone who had to, withdraw from college mid-semester due to health issues or a death in the family. Until now, tuition insurance was typically available only at select private colleges and universities, and many school’s refund policies only cover withdrawals within the first five weeks of the semester.  GradGuard’s tuition insurance program ( provides up to $50,000 of annual tuition insurance for the non-refunded financial loss associated with the cost of attending college. The GradGuard plan is available to students nationwide and covers verifiable losses connected to the cost of attendance.  This includes not only the loss of non-refunded tuition payments, but also academic fees,  student housing, books, and travel to and from the academic program. Rates start at $29.00 for $10,000 of coverage.

Health: A 2009 eHealth research study found that only “three in five (60%) college students are currently covered either by their parents’ health insurance plan or a health insurance plan paid for by their parents.”   Until now, the remaining students, particularly the more than 6.5 million students attending two-year or community colleges, have had few relevant alternatives to address the financial risk associated with student accident and illness. The GradGuard™ Student Health Plan ( provides broader accident and sickness benefits than many limited coverage school sponsored policies.  The GradGuard Student Health Plan, also available through eHealth, includes tuition refund insurance, and is the only plan of its kind available nationwide to any student attending any accredited college or university.  The annual cost ranges from $1464 to $1848 depending on the deductible.

Identity Theft Protection & Resolution: According to the 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report released by Javelin Strategy and Research, more than 11 million people became victims of identity theft in 2009. Young adults aged 18-24 took the longest to detect identity theft —132 days on average — when compared to other age groups. Subsequently, the average cost ($1,156) was roughly five times more than amounts lost by other age groups. An Identity Theft Protection & Resolution plan, like the one included in GradGuard’s Student Protection Plan, helps protect against certain types of identity theft and aids in the resolution if one becomes a victim.  The cost of this coverage is included in GradGuard’s tuition insurance plan.

Emergency Medical Evacuation: Emergency medical evacuation is important for any student living away from home or studying abroad. If a student becomes seriously ill or has an accident while on spring break or studying abroad this type of insurance will help bring the student home or to the nearest medical facility near home.

This inventory can be helpful to all college families as well as any person evaluating how to mitigate the risks facing their lives.