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Pros and Cons of Having a Car on Campus

June 25, 2019

When you arrive on campus there are many difficult decisions to make. One decision that many students grapple with is whether or not to bring their car to school. There are many factors to consider such as the distance of your school from your home, the climate where your school is located, and the price of gas. Here are some pros and cons to consider before bringing your car to campus.  


Freedom to travel where you need to go

Having a car will make it easier to go off campus and travel. You won’t have to rely on public transportation or have to ask other people to get around. It can be helpful to be able to drive to the grocery store or have the ability to go on a short trip.

Cut down on flight costs

If you have a car on campus you will not have to purchase plane tickets when you want to go back home. This, of course, depends on whether or not you are going to a school that is close to where you live. A car will allow you to travel home without paying a hefty flight price.

Ability to transport your possessions

It can be difficult to move in and out of your residence when in college and having a car may assist with this process. The ability to drive to college with your possessions is very valuable. You can cut down on the cost of a storage unit and won’t have to worry too much about shipping your items.


You might get taken advantage of

If you are the person in your friend group who has a car, some people may start treating you like their personal taxi service. If you create boundaries you may avoid this issue but there is always the risk of others using you for your car.

You need to pay for parking and gas

A burden of having a car on campus is that you typically have to pay a hefty fee just to park it. This varies among different schools but this added expense can be bigger than expected. Another thing to consider is the price of gas. This may be a high cost depending on your location.

Weather conditions

If you are going to school somewhere with harsh winters, it may not be the best conditions for having a car. The snow can be an issue for college students who have cars on campus, especially if the student is not used to living in that type of climate.

The decision of whether or not to bring your car to campus is contingent on the different factors presented. It’s a choice that some students are happy with and other’s regret. No matter your decision, it is important to be prepared and to be aware of all the conditions.

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An Illustrated Guide to Planning a College Visit

March 20, 2017

Every year, hundreds of high school juniors and seniors travel to their potential university to receive a firsthand view. What better way to compare schools by getting great hands on experience and exploring the area with mom and dad?

Planning which university to attend can be an overwhelming process, but it can also be a great opportunity to find the perfect fit and have fun while doing it. It is impossible to tour every college, especially if your choices are far away from one another. This is where planning comes into play. Start your search by researching schools online, take a virtual tour, browse through the admissions section, check out the classes offered and events taking place. Try and visit all different types of schools from urban to more rural, large, small, far away from home and the one in your backyard. Get a good feel of exactly what you want, and you might be surprised!

A visit to a college gives you the opportunity to speak with students, faculty and staff, and even see a dorm room! It’s important to begin to accumulate a running list of questions to ask along the way to prevent judging a book by its cover. “How to Plan a College Visit” by Amy Whitley does a great job of placing all the important areas into easy and actionable guides.

Here are some highlights:

Plan your visit in advance and book a tour ahead of time.

Try and avoid busy times such as move-in day and times where the campus might be empty, like a school holiday.

Don’t forget to take in your surroundings and ask questions. How do students get around? What is the general atmosphere around campus?

Check out the nearby hangout spots and neighborhood to get a feel for the community surrounding campus.

Make your college visit a family trip, tour the city, check out the local cuisine and embrace this exciting time!

For more tips on planning your college visit, check out the full post here.