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Spring Break Tips from Packing to Protection

Spring break.  The much-needed college break.  If you are like many college students we know, you have just rushed thru mid-terms and are excited about a week with friends.  Yet – you haven’t given much thought to what to pack or what could go wrong.  So here are GradGuard’s tips for making the most of spring break.

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Mini-Fridge, Mini Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are hard enough as it is. As we are nearing mid-February, resolutions are beginning to diminish from to-do lists. With the temptation of those tantalizingly sweet pastries […]

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For Parents

2017 Graduation Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some original college graduation gift ideas, here are some ideas that can provide a little inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas…

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Academic Success

Take Advantage of Residence Life

Many students overlook a variety of opportunities and events that their resident life department has to offer. Often, residence life staff and neighbors can become a student’s first home for support and assistance.

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