Financial Literacy

6 Ways to Save When Eating Out

As college students, we’re all too familiar with the fact that money doesn’t exactly grow on trees. However, sometimes we long to eat out at restaurants that are a bit […]

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Preparing for School

5 Ways to Help College Students Stay Focused

Keeping up with the college life can mean keeping your mind moving in a hundred different directions.  Classes, friends, work, activities, student organizations, events—there’s always a lot going on at […]

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College Social Media 101

For this generation, using social media is probably the most popular method for maintaining interpersonal connections.  It is undoubtedly a convenient, useful way to stay in touch with friends and […]

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Social Media

We’re on Pinterest!

Hey there! Are you on Pinterest? If you’re getting ready to head back to school, you may want to consider it. There is so much on Pinterest that can help […]

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