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Euro Trip! And hey grads get yourselves insured!!

June 1, 2009


To get me in the European mood for my vaca I watched “Euro Trip” last week. You know the one with:  “Scotty doesn’t know, Scotty doesn’t know… so don’t tell Scotty!” (I love that song!) Watching the new grads adventures was funny on my TV… but it made me think twice about this trip. 

I knew my insurance from ASU ended when I graduated, so I needed to find something else. Especially with my Europe trip just around the corner, I thought going abroad with no insurance? I don’t think so! What if I get sick and need to go to a hospital?? I have to admit I’m a little accident-prone too…

Travelers insurance can cost a pretty penny, but I found a plan I can actually afford that covers me all over Europe! Yahoo for GradGuard! 

When I told one of my friends about our insurance expiring when he wasn’t worried. Besides his asthma, he’s always been healthy and thinks health insurance is an expensive useless option. I can see his point of view, but I still didn’t think it sounded like a good idea to be uninsured like that. So as if I hadn’t done enough research to graduate, I did some more.

Turns out if you go too long without insurance, you might not be able to sign up for anything with the same benefits. My friend uses Advair, which turns out would be a crazy expensive $200 a month without insurance! Maybe he has that kind of green laying around, I know I don’t… this euro trip is expensive!

In researching recent grads health insurance I found the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It makes sure you can get health insurance, but  you can’t go more than 63 days without legitimate coverage. If my buddy waits too long his asthma will count as a “pre existing condition” and he’ll have to wait a whole year to get Advair covered again. That’s $2,400 for a year of one prescription! I think he’s crazy not to at least get some kind of coverage. 

Just thought I’d share for all you uninsured grads out there. Get yourselves covered for goodness sake!

That’s all for now you guys. I’m going to go pack and repack all my clothes again for this vacation. I’m so excited! 


Graduate students might lose it

May 31, 2009

Earlier this month, discussion began on whether or not graduate students should receive a cut in their health care coverage at UCSC.  Lisa Sloan, the Dean of graduate studies and a professor of earth science, is leading the movement by asking the Student Graduate Association to cut current levels of coverage.

A graduate student coalition, “Protect GSHIP”, has formed but there is no guarantee this will have an effect on the final decision. If you go to USCS, have you considered what you will do if this goes through? Could this spread to more than one school?

In the event that this cut occurs, whether it be at UCSC or any other school in the nation, many graduates are going to be living without the coverage they need. Lets face it though, with the economy being so bad no one can afford medical treatment out of pocket these days.

Graduates aren’t completely alone on this one though, short term health insurance can provide coverage for a student in need of a shorter coverage until graduation. On the other hand, there are also multiple options for long-term health insurance plans for grads to keep students safe at an affordable rate!


Graduate expectations aren't looking good

May 29, 2009

Graduates are facing the worst job market in years! How many times do you think recent graduates have heard this one? Probably more times than anyone would want.

ABC news reported that only 19.7 percent of college grads that applied for a job received one.   The problem is getting worse because there are still plenty of graduates from 2008 as well as laid off workers that are still looking for full time work.

Lets face it, jobs are scarce and things haven’t started to turn around yet. So what are graduates doing about insurance during this gap period?

Most students rely on their parents health coverage but once you graduate you are dropped from this plan. You do not want to mess with your future and living uninsured is a ticking bomb.

If anything serious goes wrong odds are you are not going to have the money to cover it. Health expenses add up faster than you think!


Parents, it's never to early to save!

May 29, 2009

It is hard to believe that anyone is doing any saving with the way the economy has been but it’s true! Parents of inbound college students have been saving the same amount if not more for their child’s education.

SLM Corp, a student loan company stated to the Business Journal serving Milwaukee that “62 percent of parents of college-bound children are saving for education, trailing only retirement as a savings priority.”

Its never to soon to start saving and there are great ways to save too!

If you are considering going to college and your a student that doesn’t have the money, don’t make the mistake of passing up on opportunity.  You can start saving today too!


Recently graduated? Double check your health insurance.

May 29, 2009

Graduation, a moment every college student dreams of.  The cap  tassel  sways back and forth as the student proudly walks down the graduation aisle. A new confidence evident in every foot step. Hands are shook as faculty murmurs words of encouragement. The last hand is shook and a diploma is placed in the grad’s hand.

A wonderful dream, but all too often the student forgets to dream of their health insurance terminating as the diploma enters their hand. Between graduation and a first job health insurance is a must. The joyous milestones of a recent graduate can quickly turn to a time of great anxiety should a medical emergency arise while they are uninsured. Catastrophic hospitalizations, doctor or specialist visits, prescriptions, and other medical costs with no insurance is more than enough to initiate bankruptcy.

Steve Fenberg noted the detrimental costs of being uninsured and yet was not surprised, “that nearly 50 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have gone uninsured at some point in the past two years.”

Recent graduates do not need to be uninsured. There are many insurance companies that offer great, and yes affordable,  short term health insurance. Short term health insurance is the perfect fit for a recent grad who will not start working for a few weeks or months after graduation, or is still in the market for a job.

Graduates caught up in the moment may be unsure of what they are need in health insurance. This is a hard time as many grads have always been on either their parents or the school’s health insurance. However research is not difficult or overly time consuming. If you are or you know a recent grad, have them check out a website that compares quotes from separate insurance companies. By visiting one of these sties you will be able to quickly find insurance with the benefits you need at a reasonable rate.

Happy shopping!


Choose a college yet? Be open to all options

May 29, 2009

It seems that the common belief when it comes to choosing which college to attend is to pick the “best” one. Well, the “best” one might not always be the right fit for you or your child.

There are multiple factors that go into making an educated decision. How well did you or your child do in school? Choosing the hardest school when you are not academically prepared can be overwhelming.  So overwhelming that students will drop out.

According to the Boston Globe, in 2002 a study was done that showed 63% of students that attend a four year college graduate in 6 years or less.

Students that are taking on heavy loans to cover tuition for  more expensive schools are in for a nightmare if they drop out.   Most students that drop out find themselves buried in debt with monthly payments they can’t make because they do not have a degree!

Going to the $50,000 private university does not always make sense. The average college student graduates with $22,700 of debt. Make sure you consider all your options before making a decision. There are more affordable schools that provide quality education as well!


More cuts in health insurance, do you work for a small business?

May 28, 2009

Do you work or plan on working for a small business? If you do there is some urgent news for you.

According to the non-profit research group, the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance premiums for small businesses rose 74 percent from 2001 to 2008.

This is forcing small businesses to make a decision, cut health care or layoff employees. The National Small Business Association told Lita Epstein that 10 percent of small businesses are thinking about eliminating coverage over the next year. When a business drops a company plan, it is up to the employee to seek new insurance. It is vital to have insurance or you could end up spending multiple paychecks on medical bills.

Before you sign up for a plan, make sure you compare insurance prices! If you out of luck and your company is laying off or you have not started coverage from your new job check out short-term insurance. These types of insurance plans can keep the bills off your back!


Renting? Insure your belongings!

May 28, 2009

You come home to your apartment to find out you have been robbed! You’re not to worry though, your landlord will cover it. Or will he?

There is a common belief that renters insurance is something you can go without. This might have been the case ten years ago but not anymore. There are a few things to consider, when looking at renters insurance.

In the past renters insurance was not as important. Now, with most students and graduates owning expensive technological equipment, replacing valuables is getting pricey. The average college student or graduate commonly owns their own computer, ipod, stereo, television, ect. and these alone total in the thousands!

Many still believe that the landlord will cover these belongings but in most cases, that is not true! Without coverage from your landlord, you are at a high risk for loss. With the new renters insurance policies that are available today you can insure some piece of mind.


Help after graduation

May 28, 2009

Congratulations graduates! You have reached a great accomplishment, but you’re just starting. Whether you are looking for a new job or waiting for grad school you could be at a risk.

The job market is horrendous, as most of you have probably learned first-hand. We are going through very tough economic times and jobs are disappearing left and right.

No matter what your plans are, it is still important to keep a positive attitude. Only time can tell what will happen with the economy but you might want to look at how well you are covered until then. It might seem like a good idea to take your chances, but a single serious medical problem can result in bankruptcy when no coverage is available.

It is common that most graduates don’t need a long-term health care plan because most companies have plans for their own. On the other hand, short term health insurance is what most graduates need and don’t have! Short term health insurance offers lower rates but keeps you protected!


Unemployment insurance bill dies

May 28, 2009

As the clock struck midnight last night, the unemployment insurance bill died for Texas. What does this mean for you? It means those who are unemployed or in-between jobs aren’t going to see much help in Texas.

It is very dangerous to be living without health insurance.  Whether you live in Texas or not you will not be receiving the benefits of this bill.  Medical bills can pile up faster than any premium would ever cost.  If you haven’t received coverage already, now is the time to do it.

With new insurance plans forming there is a broader spectrum of available plans for insurance.  With some plans it can be very costly to pay your monthly premium but there is a solution to this problem.
Short-term health insurance offers the coverage to keep you safe from those large medical bills while still keeping some money in your pocket. These plans can help get rid of some of your anxiety while in transition to your future.