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Short Term Health Insurance Options

June 24, 2009

Over 500,000 people have lost their jobs as of November 2008.  Thinking about that number most have no health insurance.  Some probably have choose to go with COBRA, others might have an extension for employee benefits, but for the most part the majority of people that have lost their jobs are without health insurance.  Health Blog explains how short-term health insurance is beneficial to either a family or an individual.  People have the choice for 6 or 12 months terms depending on what works best for them.  Short-term is not only used when going from job to job, but can help in graduate to job for younger adults and for older adults it can be used as a bridge to medicare.


Get Protected By Renters Insurance

June 24, 2009

A small percentage of people who rent property are not even aware of the benefits of renters insurance.  Renters insurance protects you against theft, vandalism, fires, and much more.  For literally pennies a day, your personal belongings can be protected by this insurance.

Renters Insurance is a great investment for students or anyone who is renting property.  Some renters insurance policies have personal property coverage, replacement cost, and involuntary unemployment coverage, and mysterious disappearance coverage. 

Renters insurance is one of the most important insurances available.  With this coverage your most valuable possessions can be protected at an affordable rate!


Grads: Parents Aren't Going to Pay For Everything Forever!

June 24, 2009

Graduating from college is a huge milestone.  You learn so much about yourself, and understand the significance of your career and life.  Many claim that the best time of their life was spent in college. 

However, graduation can be extremely stressful.  This is the first time graduates must face the real world by themselves.  To all the recent graduates: this is a wake-up call! You are not going to have Daddy’s credit card your life! Soon you are going to have to pay for your own expenses. Yes. That includes rent, food, clothes, car insurance, college loans, and anything you think of spending on.

This can be a rude awakening from the comfortable lifestyle you are used to.  Car insurance can be quite costly if you do not shop around and find the right policy.  Thankfully, there are insurance companies that help graduates find car insurance that is affordable and has great coverage!


Not Concerned About Health Insurance?..think AGAIN.

June 24, 2009

College graduates often do not understand the significance of health insurance. Many do not find it necessary or even affordable.  In one study done in 2008 by the Commonwealth Fund, 34% of college graduates were uninsured for sometime.

While recent graduates are searching for jobs, purchasing short term health insurance  is the best option.  The one suggestion many people have is to NOT skip health coverage even for a few months.  Young adults and graduates might think they are bulletproof, but one can never be certain if a medical emergency sneeks up on them.

Your life is your health, and that should be the LAST thing that is put at stake.  Graduates: Be aware that there are insurance plans out there that can fit your health needs and your wallet.


Insured and uninsured find common problem

June 24, 2009

According to a new national survey, 62 percent of all individual bankruptcies were caused by medical debts or serious illness.  This is up 16 percent from six years ago when medical bankruptcies were at 46 percent.

There could be multiple reasons for this increase but higher out of pocket costs is a huge factor.   The average cost out of pocket has increased 34 percent from 2004 to 2007.

An increase so large that people insured are facing financial bankruptcy because their plan doesn’t cover enough.   This may not always be the case but with some plans, coverage is very limited.

Most of the Americans that are forced to claim bankruptcy are college grads or young middle class homeowners.  The scary part is, nearly three fourths of them had health coverage when they originally got sick!

It is very important to do research on the health plan you choose.  You are going to want to know when you’re coverage applies and when you will be paying out of pocket.   If you’re not sure what to do when it comes to health insurance let GradGuard help you.  It’s much better to prepare for future problems then to wait and react!


Do I need insurance?

June 16, 2009

That depends… are you in this video?

If you’re any other normal person, you probably can not depend on this kind of luck to get you by. Many times health insurance is overlooked as a useless expense… although chances of anything in the above video happen to you are slim, accidents are many times more common than you would believe…

Skyrocketing medical bills are detrimental to most families without health insurance. Although many look upon insurance as an unnecessary expense, it is one of the most important expenses you should have. It has been reported 62% of personal bankruptcies were caused by medical expenses last year. 

“Hospital costs were the largest out-of-pocket expense for nearly half of the people filing for bankruptcy, followed by prescription drugs (19 percent), doctor’s bills (15 percent), and premiums (4 percent)” – Better Planning Needed For Health Expenses by Philip Moeller

A monthly or annual premium as opposed to bankruptcy? Insurance sounds like a reasonable expense to me…


Students traveling abroad, prepare accordingly.

June 16, 2009

Can you still hear your parent’s stern voice?

“Now, call me when you get there. I want to make sure you arrive safely.”

Whether you’re traveling cross country or down the block, this phone call  always seems to save your parents a few worry lines. Now that you are traveling abroad a phone call may still calm their nerves, but they will not be able to help you much should an emergency arise. The many horror stories USA Today has told of students traveling abroad is concerning. However there are preventative steps you may take to ensure your safety abroad. 


If you are traveling abroad, seriously consider the following before leaving the country:


1. Inform close friends and relatives of your travel plans and give them all the details. Provide your living arrangements, numbers you may be reached at (a cell phone is not enough), departure/ arrival dates and times, etc.

2. Discuss your travel plans with a physician. Within your doctor’s visit be sure you are medically prepared and have at least the following:

        -an up to date physical

        -immunizations required for your destination and any layovers you may have

        -sufficient prescriptions for the entirety of your trip

3. Research the area you are visiting. Chances are there is a part of town you should avoid, restaurants you should not even walk into, or water you should not drink. Knowing what to expect when you arrive will ease your traveling stress.

4. Not only should you dress for the weather, but dress for your destination. Dress conservatively, do not wear expensive jewelry or those designer jeans. You will look like less of a tourist, making your trip not only safer but more enjoyable.

5. Look into travelers insurance. As many insurance policies do not apply to overseas trips. Travelers insurance protects you should a medical emergency occur and your belongings should they be stolen or lost.

6. Make sure your passport and other travel documents are in order. The U.S. Homeland Security recently revised passport regulations requiring additional checks and new procedures. Be sure to check your passport will be accepted when you leave and re-enter the country.

7. Do not leave before you are certain you can afford the trip. Make sure you have a cushion in your bank account, accidents and hidden expenses are more common than you may think. Check that you will be able to access your bank account at your destination as well.


If you are a student traveling abroad enjoy yourself but please, prepare yourself accordingly.

The world is yours to conquer, don’t let it conquer you.


President Obama – Health Reform

June 16, 2009

President Obama’s new health plan is flooding the media, creating quite the controversial buzz. Obama is pushing the creation of a bill to give  health insurance to every American on his desk before congress takes a month break in August. However he is not the only one pushing for national health coverage. 

According to the Washington Business Journal:

“A coalition of labor unions and progressive organizations plans to spend $82 million on organizing efforts, advertising, research and lobbying to support the Obama plan.” – Business Warily Awaits Health Care Reform by Kent Hoover

As American waits on Obama’s national health plan, keep yourself up to date on your current insurance. Medical emergencies are largely expensive and stressful; and without insurance coverage the costs may be detrimental. 

According to a study conducted by Harvard researchers:

“62% of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. in 2007 were caused by health problems.” –Study Links Medical Costs and Personal Bankruptcy by Catherine Arnst


Medical Expenses Skyrocketting!

June 16, 2009

Medical treatment is not getting any cheaper, and it is causing the percentage of personal bankruptcies to increase drastically.   In a new national study done, 62% of all personal bankruptcies in 2007 was  caused by medical debts or serious illnesses.

Most people who are driven into bankruptcies due to medical expenses are college graduates and middle class homeowners.  A large percentage of these Americans had insurance, but did not have enough coverage or protection.

This issue has caused much stress among the uninsured, and many people are tempted to blame insurance companies for these high costs.  However, they fail to understand that the biggest reason for  higher out-of-pocket spending is that the overal health costs are skyrocketting.

Insurance companies are trying to improve their coverage by offering affordable health insurance policies  to their users.


Grads MUST Be Aware of Being Uninsured

June 16, 2009

High school and college graduates have many worries such as entering the work force and living on their own.  Many of them do not realize that their health insurance coverage ends upon graduation.

The young population has the general mentality that they are invincible against any harm.  They would rather put a down payment on a house rather than investing in health insurance. 

The recession is making this situation even worse.  An increasing number of companies are eliminating or reducing the benefits for its employees.  As a result, many must rely on individual insurance coverage.

Graduates and the young adults must realize that medical insurance is a necessary investment, and there are affordable health insurance policies available that focus on the needs of the young population.