How to Travel Around Europe on a Budget

European countries have a myriad of magnificent, breathtaking places. Especially in spring when nature wakes up, many European cities are perceived differently, as they acquire a special and unique atmosphere. […]

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Traveling Abroad This Summer?

Studying abroad can be a fun and enjoyable experience for students.  It’s the chance to broaden your horizon and experience how living in another country compares to the United States. […]

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Going, Going, Gone…Abroad!

If you’re in college, you’ve probably heard a lot about study abroad. Going abroad means being able to study in a foreign country (and sometimes in a different language) while […]

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Summer Travel Insurance Tips

Summer break fortunately often comes with vacations. Whether you’re road tripping to the west coast, studying abroad in Spain, or enjoying the beaches of Southeast Asia, travel insurance can help […]

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