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Navigating Post-Grad: Keeping Your Mind Sharp

July 10, 2013
Navigating Post Grad: Keeping Your Mind Sharp #postgradprobs


Part of being a 20 something, I find, is realizing how quickly your values and thoughts can change. Every few months, I end up reflecting on where I was six months ago and can’t believe the kinds of thoughts or fears I used to have. If I look back even further to the things I believed at 16, it’s almost laughable.

Ever since high school, my dad has always told me that high school teaches you how to learn, but college teaches you how to think. Once you know how to think, learning continues no matter what. From my first day of class all the way up to graduation, I soaked in every bit of knowledge thrown at me. Sometimes, I think I could’ve kept going for years.

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Navigating Post-Grad: Making Time for Friends

Five months after graduation, I found myself going weeks and weeks without seeing a single friend. Sometimes it was boring, but most of the time it was depressing. Part of my problem stemmed from having moved back home while most of my friends stayed…

June 12, 2013
Navigating Post-Grad: Revisiting Campus

Navigating Post-Grad: Revisiting Campus

“It’s weird,” my friend says as we sit in the café waiting for our mochas to cool. “I’ve been back here a bunch of times, but everything’s different.” “Freshman year was five years ago,” I say. “And we’ve only been out for one, but…

May 8, 2013
How to Choose Your College Classes - Tips for Each Year

How to Choose Your College Classes – Tips for Each Year

Half-way through the semester when everyone is on the brink of midterms, class registration for the next semester begins. In addition to your usual daily obligations, you now have to plan ahead for your next batch of classes. The courses you choose depend on…

April 15, 2013
Blogging to Build Resume

Would Your Resume Benefit From a Blog?

In a world where distinguishing your resume from everyone else’s can lead to unique opportunities, you might’ve heard some buzz about using social media or blogging to help yourself stand out professionally. But will a blog actually help your resume? The short answer is…

April 1, 2013

What Will Spring Semester Have In Store For You?

Spring semester is both a fresh start and continuation of fall semester. On the one hand, you’re starting new classes with new people and possibly new friends, but on the other hand you still live in the same dorm building with the same RA…

January 21, 2013

7 Ways to Branch Out This Semester

One of the best aspects of college life is that in many ways, you get two chances per year to make a new start. Each new semester is a fresh start and an opportunity for you to gain new experiences. Here are several ways…

January 17, 2013
5 Short Safety Tips for Halloween

5 Short Safety Tips To Remember For Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, many college students will be gearing up for trick-or-treating (you will quickly realize, if you haven’t already, that you are not too old for candy and costumes when you’re in college). While this time of year can be…

October 25, 2012

5 Classes to Take Outside Your Major

Your major is the focal point of your college career. Many students even choose what school they attend based on their major. As important as it is to take all your core classes in your specialty, you should also consider classes in other disciplines.…

October 1, 2012