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College Orientation Checklist!

August 26, 2017

So the time has finally come. Can’t wait to start your first year of college?  Well, before your classes get rolling and before you know the ropes, you’ll probably be attending a student orientation. Yippie! Depending on the school, orientation can last anywhere from a day to a whole week.  During orientation, you’ll learn a lot about your new school and your new classmates.

Below is a list of 5 things that you should bring for your orientation.

  1. A pen
    You’ll receive plenty of paperwork during orientation.  When you are taken for tours around campus and if you attend assemblies, your group’s orientation leader may have pamphlets with relevant information to give you.  They can be from places like the academic center, the health center, or even the library. Always listen to what your leader has to say; they are seasoned college students and are trained to know what’s what.  If you keep a pen handy, you can jot down any additional information that you’ll want to remember.  It’s also helpful to write down the times and locations of various orientation events that are being offered, so that you’re sure to stay on schedule.

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