Academic Success

College Orientation Checklist!

So the time has finally come. Can’t wait to start your first year of college?  Well, before your classes get rolling and before you know the ropes, you’ll probably be […]

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College Life Protected

How to Have Safe Parties this Summer

Summertime is coming to an end quickly! And with the summer comes tons of pool parties, barbecues, and late night bonfires. But when people plan these celebrations of the sun, […]

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After College Health!

If you are leaving are a recent college graduate who is in the process of finding a job, you may also benefit from short-term medical insurance.  Short-term medical insurance can help you pay for medical expenses in case your suffer an accident, injury or illness.

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Student Life

Traveling Abroad This Summer?

Studying abroad can be a fun and enjoyable experience for students.  It’s the chance to broaden your horizon and experience how living in another country compares to the United States. […]

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Graduation is over…Now what?

So graduation is over, the applause has stopped, and a little taste of reality has set in. Today there are many articles out there about how exactly to find a […]

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Student Health

Eating healthy in College

Summer is almost here! The hot weather is starting to be here to stay and along with that comes more revealing clothes and thinner material. Although you should always be […]

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