Study Abroad

Going, Going, Gone…Abroad!

If you’re in college, you’ve probably heard a lot about study abroad. Going abroad means being able to study in a foreign country (and sometimes in a different language) while […]

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Freshman 15
Financial Literacy

What to do With Graduation Money

Many graduates get a nice stack of cash shortly after graduation. Whether it’s from your family or friends, it is very important to know how to manage this money. Often, recent graduates tend to […]

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Academic Success

Reducing College Costs

College is expensive and college costs continue to climb every year but there are ways to help manage the rising costs. Apply for financial aid – even if you think your […]

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Insurance for Young Adults
In the News

GradGuard Renters Insurance featured in the Daily Bruin!

UCLA Housing is offering students renters insurance from GradGuard for about $185 per academic year. The insurance is designed to provide coverage for personal items such as laptops that are stolen and to offer financial protection for students who unintentionally damage their dorm.

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Social Media
Financial Literacy
Residence Hall Life
Paying for College

5 Ways to Make Money on Break

Final projects have been turned in, grades are being anxiously anticipated, and exam week is over at long last. Now, all the college students will be making their way home […]

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