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Mini-Fridge, Mini Resolutions

February 14, 2018

New Year’s resolutions are hard enough as it is. As we are nearing mid-February, resolutions are beginning to diminish from to-do lists. With the temptation of those tantalizingly sweet pastries in the campus coffee shops, it is even harder to stay on track. It is time to take matters your own hands. There is no excuse to slip up if you create a mini fridge worthy of its own Instagram following. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your mini fridge potential:

If You Share Your Mini Fridge, Shop with Your Roommate 

Sticking to a resolution requires support. If your roomie is not on board with your newfound goal, it is going to be that much harder to stick to it. Make sure to shop together with a clear mindset of how much room you have to share. Defining shared items will not only help you save on your grocery bill but free up additional room in such a confined space.  Do not allow temptation to cause you to delve into your roommate’s snack stash. Not cool.

Organize Your Mini Fridge

Organization doesn’t need to cost a dime. The surface area of your food can be diminished by:

  • Pre-chopping vegetables
  • Combining fruits together with a splash of lime juice
  • Prepackaging alternative cheese + deli meat for quick sandwiches
  • Keeping your soft drinks out of the fridge if you have an ice machine

Non-perishable Items are Your Best Friend

Keep non-perishable items in an organizer underneath your bed or next to the mini fridge. Great examples include microwaveable whole-grain rice, breakfast grains, soups, pasta, nut-butters, canned veggies, canned tuna and beans. Luckily these are some of the cheapest foods in the grocery stores.

The Dorm Kitchen Isn’t as Scary As It Seems

Have those pots and pans been in there since 2008? Probably, but that shouldn’t deter you from attempting your newfound cooking skills from those late-night Food Network binges. If you are lucky enough to have a communal kitchen in your dorm, utilize it!

As for those questionable pans, we would recommend investing in a silicone muffin pan. Not only will save you the calories from oil, you will minimize clean-up efforts. Your muffin pan options are endless: egg muffins, breakfast bites, banana bread, and frozen smoothie discs! All will be compact and easily stored in a mini fridge.

As easy as the Food Network makes it look, baking is a science that can be harder than Chem 101. Sites like Youtube and Tastemade give visual step-by-step guides on thousands of recipes. Worried about causing a catastrophe at your first attempt at the art of baking or frying food? That is why many universities recommend GradGuard to protect your liability in the event of an unforeseen accident.

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