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Prevent Summer Learning Loss With These 8 Tips

June 5, 2017

Prevent Summer Learning Loss With These 8 Tips!

Summer’s nearly here, and that means you’ll finally get a break from college and your studies. It’s true that you’ve been working hard all summer, and you want a break from the grind. However, summer learning loss is a real threat to most students. Once you get back to college, you could spend weeks catching back up to where you were before, academically. Use these eight tips to keep yourself sharp over the break.

  1. Go on field trips

You’re not at school, but you can still take yourself on a fun field trip. Look at what’s available in your local area. Art galleries, museums, aquariums and more are all great and educational, too. Grab a group of friends and you can make a day of it. That way, you’re still learning but you’re socializing, too.

  1. Keep up with math

If you don’t enjoy math, this can sound like a chore. However, it doesn’t have to be. Use fun online tools such as Tydlig and Wolfram Alpha and solve a few mathematical problems each day. This stops your skills getting rusty, and you’ll have a much easier time once you go back to school.

  1. Connect with other learners

While you’re looking to improve on your skills in the summer break, you don’t have to do it alone. Use the internet to find like-minded people to work and talk with. You could create online book clubs, pen pals, and more. If you have friends in other parts of the country, make sure you get in touch often to chat. Staying social is a big part of learning, no matter how old you are.

  1. Review and build grammar skills

Good grammar is vital for any learner. If you think your skills could use some work, now’s the time to do it. Building these skills means that your written work in the next academic year will be better, resulting in better grades. Try using online communities like Paper Fellows and Academized to start getting ahead.

  1. Focus on your weaker skills

Now it’s summer, you can sit back and look at your year as a whole. Where did you struggle the most? Now you have the time, you can focus on building those skills up. Set aside just 15 minutes a day to work on them. This could be something like writing topic sentences, working on math problems, or reading up on theory.

  1. Take up creative writing

You may not be writing essays, but you can still keep your writing skills sharp over the summer. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write stories, or want to take up blogging. Now is the time to get involved. There’s lots of helpful writing services online who can help you out, too. Tools like Assignment Help, Easy Word Count, Essay Service, Cite It In, and Admission Service can all help review, proofread and polish your work.

  1. Make time to read

Every day, make sure you put aside half an hour to read a book. It can be on any subject you like, but the act of reading is crucial. It strengthens your reading skills and broadens your world view, which will be helpful when you get back to class. Get in touch with your local library and get browsing.

  1. Take time to relax

While the summer’s a great time to catch up on work, don’t forget to take time for yourself, too. You’ll feel the difference when you’ve had a proper break from school.

Use these tips, and you’ll be ready for anything the new school year throws at you.


Mary Walton is a professional proofreader at Australian Assignment Helpservice. She creates online courses to help people learn from home. Also, she is a resume writer at Resumention, CV writing service. Mary has a blog Simple Grad, read one of her latest posts РEssays.Agency Review there.

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