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Graduation is over…Now what?

May 26, 2017

So graduation is over, the applause has stopped, and a little taste of reality has set in.

Today there are many articles out there about how exactly to find a job after college. Be sure to read them, and follow their advice. Those tips and tricks will get you the job in a career that could be a stepping stone to your dream job.

For better or worse, I have a bit of experience with the full-time job search, having gone through it twice.  First was right after college, and looking back and going through it again, there was a lot I could have done differently.

  1. Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Don’t they say “you are who you hang out with?” Being unemployed isn’t easy, especially with a degree. It can feel hopeless. Surrounding yourself with individuals who will bring you up, not down, who will support your aspirations and motivate you, not discourage you. You’ll need their good energy if the search doesn’t go quite as you planned. These people are probably innovative and helpful as well – they’ll help you brainstorm potential paths and think of the people in their network who can help you out. Know people who are going places overall! Even if isn’t in your area of expertise! Hang out with them and learn, your education never ends.

2. What’s keeping you occupied?

Don’t turn into a lump on a log, wasting away watching hours of TV in your mom’s basement. You are not pathetic – you have a degree, you have dreams and you DO have the means to chase down those dreams. So start running and go after them, literally and figuratively! Get strong, strong enough to get the right position for you. You will feel better, you will be more alert and you will be stronger and more prepared to take opportunities when they come to you. If you exercise daily, you’ll get your endorphins flowing, regardless of whether you get an interview request or not. So get out there. Get moving. NOW IS THE TIME.

3. Are your dreams big?

Be afraid, be very afraid! It has been said that if your dreams are not scary they aren’t big enough. Sure, everything in the news is bad news about college grads – unemployment and underemployment are rampant. Have you always been content to be a statistic? No! Just because that’s becoming the new norm does not mean you have to fit the mold. Clearly, define your goals for yourself and believe in them. Take the steps necessary to get there – whether it’s getting an internship along the way or starting out at the very bottom. You’ll get there. Go after your dreams within reason, start out where you can and preparing to climb your way to the top!

4. Push yourself.

Learn to be your biggest cheerleader! Many times the only thing in the way of you going to the next level is you.  Be the person that you dreamed you can be and do not stop until you get there. Rome was not built in one day so understand that life is a process.

  • Get out there.
  • Take risks.
  • And remember to give yourself time to relax.

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