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The Age of Anxiety & Dramatic Growth in Student Illnesses

October 31, 2016

This week’s Time Magazine had a cover that brings attention to the important trends facing young adults and college students.

time-magazine-cover-anxietyThe title “Anxiety, Depression & the American Adolescent” is a familiar theme to our team at GradGuard.  We watch student health trends closely and recognize it as a fundamental risk to the investment families make in a higher education.

Colleges and Universities have recognized the mental health needs of college students for some time. The growth, however, in mental health related illnesses is noteworthy and substantial.

The American College Health Association National College Health Assessment from 2010 – 2015 reports a dramatic growth in student reported incidents of the following chart twitter-02

The data is alarming, particularly considering that health incidents can often disrupt a student’s education.  Families are often aware that their college student may be vulnerable to the stress of college life but it is important to note that ordinary student health problems such as mononucleosis, chronic health conditions or injuries also may force a student to withdraw from classes and cost a student and their family thousands of dollars.

acha-chart-2015Supporting a college student through an unexpected event can be stressful and it is made worse if parents are not aware of the college refund policy. A 2016 survey by College Parents of America indicates 71% of parents do not recall being informed of the university refund policy and 67% of parents surveyed indicate that they have no idea how the school would handle a refund if their student was unable to complete classes.

In fact, in a 2015 national survey of college & university bursars & health administrators, less than a quarter of schools reported providing 100% refunds. According to the survey, most schools only refund a portion of tuition for qualified withdrawals through the fifth week of classes and virtually no school provides a refund for the academic fees.

GradGuard provides tuition insurance to help provide a refund when a school may not.    Starting at $29.00, tuition insurance can be an affordable form of protection for college students and families.   Coverage and pricing may differ by campus so check with your college or university or at to find coverage that will protect your investment in college.  Remember like all insurance, coverage is determined by the actual policy.  A student must complete a medical withdrawal that is verified by the school.  Some illnesses require proof that it was

Remember like all insurance, coverage is determined by the actual policy.  A student must complete a medical withdrawal that is verified by the school.  Some illnesses require proof that severe enough to require the student to withdraw from classes mid-semester.   For instance, general anxiety regarding exams isn’t sufficient but mental health issues that require hospitalization generally are. Check your policy for complete details as certain states and schools have unique requirements.

GradGuard’s mission is to help protect the investment of college students and their families make in higher education.  Indeed, for many parents, college is the 1st or 2nd largest investment in their family financial life.  As a result, it is a smart move to know your college refund policy and to consider protecting your student with tuition insurance.

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