Things That Cost More Than Renters Insurance

Chances are you’re bringing quite a few things along to college with you this year. Some of those things, like your laptop or your bike, are big-ticket, expensive items that you need to complete the semester. So what would happen if those items were stolen or damaged? You’d be out a lot of cash to try and replace them.

On a college student budget, replacing a laptop could be disastrous. In addition to being diligent about your stuff, students can also consider protect their stuff with renters insurance from GradGuard.

Renters insurance provides valuable financial protection for your stuff and your liability. The average annual cost of a renters insurance policy is $184, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That’s less than $16 per month, an amount that doesn’t seem so big, even on a student budget.  In fact, $16 per month is just 53 cents a day.

Money Pic

In fact, many things at college probably cost you more than 53 cents a day like…

  • Coffee (not even an espresso or one of those fancy Starbucks drinks)
  • Bottled water (be sustainable – refill a water bottle)
  • Washing Machine (but don’t stop cleaning your clothes…)
  • A pack of gum
  • Altoids mints (but know we do like fresh breath)
  • Dorm Dryer
  • Newspapers
  • Cell Phones (though we can’t live without them….)
  • Printing copies
  • Bus or subway rides

Let us know what else you think of – but until then, make the smart buy and get protection with the only renters insurance that contains an exclusive college student endorsement – with unique features and coverage designed for college life – from GradGuard Renters Insurance.