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10 Online Tools You Should Use While Studying Abroad

June 9, 2015

Starting out in a new country and culture is never easy. Especially when you don’t speak the language of the people around you. But don’t worry,  nowadays there are many tools at your fingertips to help you get by when studying in another country. The Internet has helped simplify studying abroad by making it easy to find essential information concerning accommodation, maps, language learning and more.

To ease your transition to studying in a new country, check out these 10 tools!

Study abroad lifestyle tools

1. Cheap Tickets

As the name says it, this website offers cheap tickets for absolutely everything: vacations, hotels, cars, cruises, flights and events. Users just have to choose a category and fill in the forms. Then, they have the possibility of sorting the results depending on best value, lowest price, distance, star rating and reviewer score.

You can choose to book both flights and hotels. In this way, the total sum of the package will be lower. After choosing the hotel, the app will display info on the flights. Then, one can even select to rent a car. In this situation, the tool warns you on the additional costs and the minimum age the driver must be.

2. Hostel World

Hostel World is practically the gold standard for booking a hostel around the world. You can find rooms on the cheap pretty much anywhere you’ll roam. Additionally, the website offers free online travel guides. Depending on the selected country, individuals have access to travel tips, free pocket guides, videos and travel itineraries.

You can download the pocket guides because they are really useful, containing info on: transportation, embassies, cheap places to eat, locations to go after dark, places that one must not miss, events that take place every month, internet access points, cheap stores, and budget tips.

Additionally, the team has put together a perfect day scenario for every city.

3. Budget Your Trip

In here, users have the possibility of checking up prices and experiences directly from other travelers. This is first-hand honest information, not influenced by any company.

Then, individuals can create their own trips and calculate the necessary budget using the website’s online tool.

The team also offers travel guides for cities all around the world, but they are not free.

The website offers an overview of interesting places to visit. Users just have to choose one country and the itinerary appears. There are three different alternatives – pick the one you like the most, or if money and time allows you, go for all of them!

The suggested itinerary also contains info on accommodation, cities and regions and a general overview.

4. AroundMe

This is a smart phone application that also works on tablets and iOS. It is perfect for getting by in a new city. With its help, one can find the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations, or hotels. Moreover, users can book a hotel room or find a movie schedule in their area.

The app’s look is very simple and makes it easy to use. Additionally, you won’t need to carry heavy guides with you anymore!

5. TravelSafe Pro

This app works on every smart phone and contains essential information about places you want to visit. It includes a data base with emergency phone numbers and embassy contacts.

The app does not need Wi-Fi in order to function, so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

It is easy and simple to browse. One can find the necessary info in no time!


Language learning tools

6. SoundNote

This app is amazing for students! It allows you to audio record and take notes. And that’s not all – one can tap on a word from the notes and the playback goes directly to that moment of the recording! In this way, you will never miss a thing!

However, the tool is not free and it only works with iTunes or iOS. But the price is so low, that everyone can afford it.

7. Essaymama

This online writing agency is able to help international students create impressive writing.

The website’s educational blog suggests helpful study tips and infographics that will get your language writing skills to the next level. Besides, the blog has such tools as wordcounter, citation generator and essay writing guide, that will help students to fulfill their college writing tasks easier and faster.

Not to mention that the team of professional writers can assist you in proofreading and editing all kind of texts. With their experienced help, you’ll do well in your classes.

8. WordReference

This is a reliable dictionary for international students. It provides dozens of translations and alternatives, each one fit for a different context.

On the language forums, one can start new topics and ask the help of native speakers. Also, this is a great means of getting to know people from that particular country. You can even make friends!

The most useful tool in here is the “Verb conjugations” one. Unfortunately, the team has only uploaded data for three languages: French, Spanish and Italian. Consult this section whenever you are not sure about a verb’s form.

9. Sounds

This app comes from Macmillan and it provides pronunciation help for English learners. It is compatible both with iOS and Android.

The app has a Practice mode that contains in listening, writing and reading.

The vocabulary word list is not free, but not expensive either. It includes over 650 high frequency words that come along with their Macmillan definitions.

With this tool, students can learn and practice English whenever they have some spare time.

10. iTranslate

This app works with Windows operating systems. It is able to translate words, text and phrases from and to over 90 languages. It is the vital help that will break the language barrier for users, wherever they may go.

You can also use the voice input and output and listen to the words. Now all you need is a Windows operating smart phone!


With the right tools, international students can easily integrate and accommodate into new environments. Pick the apps that best fit you and always be on top of your abroad experience.

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