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6 Free Apps That Will Ease Your Transition to the Real World

April 6, 2015
6 Free Apps for Post Grads

With graduation coming up soon, you may be wondering – what the heck am I gonna do? Don’t panic! Not only do you have lot of resources to turn to while still at school, your phone can be a mighty tool in navigating life after graduation. With these 6 free apps, everything from finding a job, an apartment, and managing your post-grad life is made easier. So download these apps, let them do the work, and enjoy those last couple months of school!


You’re an adult now, and with adulting, comes great financial responsibility. You may be paying back loans, saving for the future, starting your first job – whatever your post-grad finances look like, manage them easier with Mint. Mint will help you track spending habits, offer advice on areas where you can save money, track your income and debts, and even set up bill reminders and bill-pay. All your accounts, checking, credit cards, savings, 401k, and even your loans can be added to your Mint account so you can keep track of everything all in one free app!

LinkedIn/LinkedIn Jobs

They say looking for a job can be a full-time job – so take it with you on the go! LinkedIn will help you network, much like the traditional site, but from your phone. You can browse your connections, catch up on articles on Pulse, and peruse jobs. The LinkedIn Jobs app is a companion app that will let you set up search criteria and alert you when new jobs in your chosen major/field and area are posted. With these free apps, you’ll be a networking and job hunting superstar, even on the go.


Looking for an apartment after graduation? PadMapper sources listings from Craigslist and other sources and easily pulls them into a map, so you can browse listings by location, and get all the details right there on your phone. You can also find apartments with open bedrooms to fill through the app, if you don’t already have roommates lined up. Supported in thousands of cities, PadMapper can help you find the right place for your budget!


It isn’t all crafts, cupcake¬†recipes, and hilarious fails on Pinterest – it can be an extremely useful tool for adulting! From recipes to furniture hacks, Pinterest is filled with a wealth of information on how to do things yourself in the real world. Use Pinterest to find easy budgeting tools, decor tips for your first apartment, and even easy recipes complete with grocery lists. To get started, check out this board: 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Your First Apartment.

III Inventory

This app, also called Know Your Stuff, from the Insurance Information Institute is super helpful for wherever you move after graduation. Wherever you end up, you’ll want to know what you have in case something happens to it. Taking an inventory of your belongings can help you remember what you’ve got if you’re moving home but planning to move out soon, or if you’re headed to your first apartment. If you’ll be renting, an inventory is super helpful if you need to¬†file a Renters Insurance claim, in the event your belongings are stolen or damaged by a covered cause of loss.


Do you have any helpful apps to add? Comment below!

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