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Getting Involved on Campus

March 24, 2015

The spring semester is underway! With that being said, it is never too late to get involved. Another semester, another opportunity to do fun things and find ways to get more involved with the campus community and its surrounds! This is the perfect time to get out there and meet some new people, experience new opportunities, learn something new, and have an amazing time! Your campus has so much to offer and is just waiting for you to take advantage of them! There are many different ways to get involved on campus. Here are some awesome opportunities to help stay busy and push yourself in the right direction!

Join a Club

There are many different clubs that you can join! Whether it is a club about yoga, Harry Potter, or charity work, you can always find one that peaks your interest. It is a great way to meet people with similar interests as you! If you can’t find a club that pertains to your hobby or interest, make one!

Join a Club or Go to an Event That’s Related to Your Major

In addition to clubs that pertain to your hobbies, there are also clubs that go along with your major! These are great clubs to join because there are students from Freshman year to graduate school involved in these clubs. It’s great to get help on a class you are taking or just get some insight on what you need to do in the future. Attending events put on by your department are a great way to learn more outside class, as well as connect with your classmates who are interested as well. You may also get to know the students helping to organize the events, and could get involved with that as well!

Get a Job

If you’re class schedules aren’t too hectic, getting a job is a great way to be involved. There are endless options you can partake in with getting a job. You can work at a restaurant, in the school library, or helping out in your recreational center (gym). Whether on or off-campus, a job can help you connect with the community around your school, and you may find some new friends in your coworkers! Finding these opportunities could be through word of mouth, on your school’s website, or in your town’s local paper!


Volunteering is such an amazing thing that you can get involved in. There are many different organizations located all around your school’s town! A lot of schools also have a dance marathon to help raise money for a cause as well as various runs/walks. Check out different postings around your campus to find out what you can get involved in!

Go to Sports Events

Almost every school has some sort of sports team. Whether it is a football game or dance show there are a ton of ways to show school spirit! Going to these events can help give you a greater connection to your school’s student body. There are a ton of events – if a football game isn’t one of your interests that’s okay! Find the event that you would love to be a part of!

Join an Intramural Team

I know when you were younger you probably tried out a bunch of different sports. Some of them you were good at and some of them you weren’t. The great thing about intramural sports is that you don’t have to be amazing at the sport. You don’t even have to be good! Everyone is welcome no matter what background you have on the sport. The main goal of intramural sports is to have fun, share in some friendly competition, get a little exercise, and to meet new people! Join a team!

The opportunities are endless! Find activities that interest you and you’ll make the most out of your college experience!

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