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Why Do College Students Skip Class?

March 20, 2015

The age old question… why do college students skip class? You answer is definitely of interest to your parents, if they’re helping you pay for college. Class120 and Crimson Hexagon set out to answer this question by analyzing your Tweets. They came up with many excuses for why college students aren’t attaining perfect attendance in their classes. I’ll let you be the judge – are these reasons legit?


Skipping Class

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Samantha Stauf says:

The level of difficulty certainly contributes to how often the class is skip. I attended my intro to psych class a grand total of 4 times because the lecturer had a really boring monotone and the class was dead easy. The course had a quiz that could be used to prepare for the test. And the actually test questions were taken directly from the quiz prep software. Sooo easy. I did hear though that some colleges are beginning to take attendance via student ID cards. Which could significantly decrease the ability to skip without consequences.