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Midterm Study Attack Plan

February 13, 2014


It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for many college students to be worrying about their midterm exams and all the stress that goes along with it. But fear not, for we have the perfect study attack plan to make sure you nail your midterms just in time to relax and enjoy spring break!

1. First of all, try to keep up on things in your classes. Write things down in a planner or notebook, plan out assignments, and actually start writing that 200 point paper before the morning it’s due. Okay, so, say that was going well for a couple weeks then, whoops, you had a bad couple days, missed a few classes, and now you’re behind. Don’t panic – there’s still hope for you yet! If you find yourself falling behind in classes, then it’s time to get chatty. Talk to your fellow classmates, ask what you’ve been missing and what they’ve been doing. Maybe set up times to study together with your acquaintances in the class. But don’t stop there! Go to your professor’s office hours, ask what you can do to get caught up, and then do it. That part is important.

2. Alright, so now that you’re caught up, you’re going to want to stay that way! Groundbreaking, right? Stay on top of reading assignments (those are the ones that can really get away from you) and other smaller assignments. Every point counts, you know. It helps to copy the syllabus for a given class into your phone calendar or planner, especially if your prof is one of those that expects you to have it memorized by the second week.

3. As midterms approach, try not to save studying until the very last minute. While cramming information is a better alternative to not studying, it’s much better to get a head start and work on it for a week or two in advance. Taking it in small increments helps reduce stress about the event itself, and it also has a habit of making you feel refreshed and on top of other things in your life.

4. Use alternative ways of studying, such as StudyBlue, which is a great app and website that allows you to make flashcards of terms or information from your classes and study them on the go. You can even mooch flashcards off of other people in your class, or from similar classes at other schools.

5. Breathe! Yes, midterms can be stressful, but a lot of it is about organization and staying on top of things. Preparation is half the battle, and you’ll feel much more confident walking into your first exam knowing that you’ve spent the last week and a half studying and becoming familiar with the material than if you were up half the night pounding red bull and staring blankly at textbook pages. You’ve got this in hand, just believe in yourself and ace your tests!

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