3 Quick Tips for Life After December Graduation

January 8, 2013

Mortar Board

Graduation. Suddenly, the day you’ve worked so hard for is here. You’ve spent four or more years of your life planning and working toward this day, but after all the celebration, what will the next day bring you?

All grads face some daunting questions once they walk the stage. However, you’re a December grad. You’re leaving a semester too late or early, but either way you’re suddenly finished in the middle of the school year. You’re potentially entering into the workforce in the midst of the holiday bustle. How do you balance your yearly celebrations with job searching or figuring out the next steps in your academic and personal life?

Let the holidays be the holidays.

You can’t enjoy this time of year if you’re stressing about applications and resumes. It’s okay to blow off job searching for a couple weeks if you’re too busy with family obligations. Although some family members might nag you about finding a job right now, try not to let the pressure get to you. If you complete just one application a day or every couple days, that’s good progress.

Build and maintain your social life.

This is especially important once you do get a job (and yes, you will get a job with persistence and effort). If you’re not the type to jump into activities right away, you’ll quickly fall into a pattern of work-home-sleep-repeat. It’ll get boring and you might go a little stir crazy. Even if you’re not a social person at all, you’ll need at least one friend to do something with after work sometimes. Whether you go out dancing once a week or invite someone over for a movie marathon, you’ll find the change of pace refreshing.

Take advantage of holiday gatherings to network.

Although you can network any time of the year, the holidays can give December grads the advantage of holiday parties. You might mostly attend family parties, but you can still take the opportunity to let people know you’ve just graduated and are looking for a job. At the very least, you could get the names of some people to send your resume to.

Being a new graduate in the holiday season doesn’t have to add more stress to your life. Remain open to any opportunities that come your way and remember that the next thing, whatever that may be, will come.

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