College Social Media 101

August 31, 2012

Girl Using Laptop in park
For this generation, using social media is probably the most popular method for maintaining interpersonal connections.  It is undoubtedly a convenient, useful way to stay in touch with friends and even make new friends.  However, for college students, social media can also be a great aid for staying on top of classes and keeping up with everyday college life.  The good news? You can use mostly websites you’re already involved in to do this!


For the majority of college students, visits to Facebook happen with every laptop login.  It’s easy to get more out of this social network favorite by taking a few steps to connect with your college.  Search for relevant pages about your school and “like” them.  Check out your school’s main Facebook page in order to receive updates in the newsfeed.  Interested in joining a club or already a part of one?  See if that organization has its own page; get general information and stay up-to-date by reading their announcements.

In addition to following college-specific updates on Facebook, consider keeping up with updates from general school resources, too.  Like pages, join groups, or get apps for things like bookstores, scholarship databases, planners, and local events.


Between tweets, search for some helpful groups to follow.  Just like Facebook, Twitter offers an entire ecosystem for you to follow plenty of useful college resources.  Get updates from your school, career center, residence life office, various extracurriculars, student discount opportunities, and upcoming college events.  While keeping up with your friends’ updates, you’ll get the added bonus of keeping up with college life every time you sign in to Twitter!


One way to stay connected to your academic life is as simple as watching short videos online.  Browse YouTube and see if your school, academic department, and student organizations have channels you can subscribe to.  Need help with schoolwork?  With YouTube’s vast collection of videos, there’s a chance that if you run a simple search, you might even find some homework help!  Look for videos ranging in topics from organizational tips to math tutoring.


Whether it’s WordPress, Tumblr, or another host site, there are plenty of blogs that can assist with classes and the overall college experience.  Look for information on your major, academic support, and general advice for college students.  These days, there’s a blog for pretty much everything!  Many classes are even starting to incorporate this type of social media in the classroom.  Don’t be surprised if you begin a course where posting on the class blog is a weekly assignment!


Keep in touch with employers, past and present, through LinkedIn.  Make a profile that includes your academic interests and resume information.  It’s a perfect platform for making new connections and creating a professional presence for yourself on the web.  It may even help you score an internship or job!

Remember: when connecting to various social media sites, your online image should stay appropriate and professional.  In addition, make sure your accounts are secure by adjusting privacy settings and remember that your passwords should always be kept secret.

Getting more out of social media is easy!  Take GradGuard for example: it’s simple to follow this blog on WordPress, get live updates from Twitter, read articles on Pinterest, and stay connected through Facebook.  Just do a few internet searches to find other sources you’d like to utilize.  Social media is entertaining and great for staying in touch with friends, but it’s also a convenient medium that can help you out with all things college.

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