Five Apartment-Friendly Pets

July 5, 2012


Many landlords have no cats/dogs policies in place in their buildings.  Don’t let your dreams of being a loving pet parent be squashed, though, as many landlords are open to allowing small caged-animals in their buildings.  Below is a list of five apartment friendly animals, all of whom live in cages.  Be sure to always check with your landlord before purchasing an animal, as it is the landlord’s final decision whether or not to allow pets on the premises, and it is not fair to the animal if you cannot take care of it after purchasing or adopting it.

1. Rabbits

Rabbits are a great pet for an apartment, both due to their size and demeanor.  Rabbits come in a variety of sizes from dwarf to full size.  They are comfortable living in cages, but do enjoy being let out to roam around (just make sure to block off their environment so it is free of wires and other potentially hazardous items!)  Due to their fuzzy coats, rabbits are a great choice if you want an animal you can pet and cuddle without the commitment that comes with a cat or a dog. Bonus: rabbits are herbivores and enjoy snacking on a variety of fresh vegetables and some fruits, so your rabbit would be sure to keep you snacking healthily.

2. Hamsters

Hamsters are the perfect choice if you are attracted to the idea of a rabbit but wish for a bit more structure.  Hamsters are cage animals, and are happy to play in their cages on wheels or spend time out of their cages in contained environments, such as rolling in a ball. Hamsters require a bit less human socialization than rabbits, but they still thrive on being taken care of and interacted with.

3. Birds

If rodents aren’t your pet of choice, consider birds.  Birds make beautiful and interactive pets. However, birds do enjoy singing and can be messy when let out of their cages, so consider both of these factors before choosing one.

4. Fish

Fish are a great choice if you want an apartment-friendly (or dorm friendly!) pet.  While they require consistent care, (feeding and cleaning the tank) they are beautiful to watch and relatively easy to care for. While fish may be the usual choice for an easy pet, don’t overlook the commitment they require, particularly when it comes to cleaning their tanks.  If a tank isn’t cleaned regularly, a fish can become very ill, so make sure you are willing to take on that commitment before purchasing one.

5. Turtles

Turtles are the perfect choice if you seek an animal which is a bit more interactive than a fish but still independent.  Keep in mind that a healthy turtle can have a lifespan of up to forty years, so it is truly a commitment when you get one.  Otherwise, the care is similar to a fish in that regular feedings and tank cleanings are what is required.

Before purchasing any pet, be sure to do research regarding the care required and the lifestyle the animal prefers to make sure that it will be a good match for you.  Also keep in mind that a great way to spend time with animals is to volunteer at your local animal shelter.  Shelters need volunteer help, and it is the perfect way to get to spend time with animals, especially if you live in a no-pets building.


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