The Best Smartphone Apps for Summer

June 25, 2012
Best Summer Apps

Summer is finally here! It’s time to hang out with friends, work at a job or internship, and spend your days outdoors. If you have a smartphone, there are several applications that will help you have an even better summer than what you have planned. Give these apps a look:

Instagram: Instagram is the insanely popular photography application for smartphones. With Instagram, you take a photo and then pick a customized filter to show off your picture in the best possible way. A normal picture instantly turns into a vintage snapshot that’s beautiful to view. Instagram also uploads instantly so that you and your friends can see your best summer pictures as soon as possible.

FourSquare: FourSquare is the premier location-based application for phones–it is a total necessity for any smartphone user. FourSquare is an app that allows users to “check in” to a location and share it with friends. Looking for a great place to grab an outdoor dinner with friends? Or the closest beach on a beautiful day? FourSquare tells you where to find a place that’s perfect for summertime fun. Also, the application gives out “badges” to users who go to certain types places! Become an expert about summer fun by checking into all the hot spots around your hometown.

ESPN Score Center: Summer is the time for lots and lots of outdoor sports and┬átournaments. With a variety of sports such as baseball, golf and the Olympics happening this summer, this application keeps you in touch with all your favorite athletes and teams. By adding different teams and sports to “myTeams,” you’ll never be out of sync with new developments and score updates. By adding push notifications, every update from a game will be sent directly to your phone. This application is perfect for any sports fan on the go this summer!

Netflix: If you have a Netflix subscription, this is the ideal application for you. The mobile version of the popular TV and movie renting website allows anyone with a subscription to access their Instant movies and TV shows straight from a mobile smartphone. This application is great for any long roadtrips in a car, train or bus–instead of wasting the battery on your computer, you can play a smaller version of the programs and films you love without draining your Droid or iPhone completely.

Evernote: Taking a summer class? Evernote is the perfect application for you! This note-like application allows users to integrate all their most important dates, assignments, projects and appointments into one fluid, easy-to-use program. Create easy and fast reminders as well as comprehensive and fun to-do lists on your phone! You can also upload it to a computer or tablets if smartphones aren’t your thing.

FoodGawker: Looking to show off your cooking skills this summer? The FoodGawker application will make you the best cook around. Use this mobile app to view photos of spectacular dishes from the amazing FoodGawker website. If you see a photo you like, click the heart icon to “favorite” it. Then make sure you go on the website to learn the recipe! You’ll wow your friends with lots of new drink, dessert, lunch and dinner recipes. The app is usually seasonal, so you’ll never run out of ideas for fun summer food.

Enjoy your summer and these great smartphone applications!

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