Preparing for a move: What to keep in mind to save time, energy, and money

June 22, 2012

Summer is a popular season for moving to a new apartment.  That being said, the popularity of moving during this season can add a lot of stress to your move.  From scheduling internet installation to trying to move your futon, everything starts to feel more difficult when you are one of many trying to do the same thing at the same time.  Below are some tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to save money during your move out.

1. You can never make a phone call too far in advance!

This advice can make or break your move-in day.  It is never too early to call to schedule appointments for the services you need in order to move out or move into your  new apartment.  Calling in advance for movers, cable/internet installation, etc. can save you time, money, and stress; not only are you more likely to secure your preferred time for a service, but you will also find out sooner if the company you were relying on is already booked, allowing you to more easily schedule backup plans.  Also, be sure to call ahead  prior to the first day of your lease for any utilities you need to activate to ensure that your apartment is move-in ready when you arrive.

2. Stay Organized!

With all of the small steps required in moving, it is easy to accidentally overlook a small task.  Before packing or preparing, spend a few minutes writing up a memo outline for yourself of everything you need to schedule and accomplish so that you can be sure you address everything.

3. Start looking for deals!

Moving can be very expensive.  Start looking for deals for every aspect of your move.  One area to consider? Boxes.  Boxes can be surprisingly expensive, especially if you are wrapping fragile items such as glasses and dishes which require additional packaging.  Sometimes moving centers such as U-Haul sell pre-packaged box sets which include boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other packaging accessories, and these are usually a much better deal than buying everything separately.  Plan ahead as to what type of packaging materials you need so that you can better look for a deal in the weeks before your move.

4. Don’t forget to alert everyone of your move-out!

In many ways moving out of your current apartment is more important than moving into your new home.  Be sure to call and cancel any utilities that aren’t included in your rent! Also contact your landlord or property manager about your move-out to see if there are any building specific instructions you need to adhere to, (for example some buildings have tarps that are supposed to be placed on floors during moves), as well as for information about when to expect and how to obtain your security deposit.

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