Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer!

May 21, 2012

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Summer is quickly approaching, which means only one thing: the temperature of your apartment is steadily escalating. While sometimes heat can feel unconquerable and oppressive, the easy suggestions below can ensure that you will be cool and content in your apartment this summer.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the dark!Lights can give off a great amount of heat, causing a room to feel warmer than the air temperature.  Try to spend as much time as possible with the lights off or use only minimal light sources (lamp light rather than overhead lights) to reduce heat in a room. (An added bonus is that your electric bill will decrease.)   Similarly, try to keep your curtains/blinds closed as much as possible to cool off the room.
  2. Use fans wisely!Fans can be a great tool to cool off your apartment.  Just keep in mind that running fans for a period of time can take a toll on your electric bill.  One type of fan to consider are fans which are specifically designed to rest on a windowsill.  These fans are not only convenient because they do not take up floor space, but are also a good option since they draw outside air and force the air from your apartment outside, which is cooler.
  3. Be careful when using an air conditioner!An air conditioner is the most effective method at cooling off your apartment.  However, using one will be the most expensive option (both in terms of purchasing and its use of electricity.)  If choosing to use one, be sure to frequently clean its filter so that it operates most efficiently, and to turn off your air conditioner when leaving your apartment for a period of time.  Also be careful when installing the air conditioner, particularly a window air conditioner.  If tilted, air conditioners can leak water, which could cause major damage to your unit and even possibly threaten the return of your security deposit and the end of your lease.  Also be sure that the air conditioner is properly supported so as not to damage the window, windowsill, or window screens.  Sometimes placing a piece of wood underneath the air conditioner (as well as a towel) is a good measure to ensuring that the air conditioner is held steady and level, and that excess water will not leak into your apartment.

If you’re not lucky enough to have central air in your apartment or dorm this summer season, follow these tips to keep your home cool. You can keep your apartment cool without Air conditioning! Best wishes for a cool and safe summer!

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