Top 10 Most Expensive Majors

April 23, 2012


Are you wondering if your ideal program of study is going to cost even more than an average tuition?  Following are some of the most expensive majors for college students.  However, it is important to keep in mind that some majors, especially those requiring extra years of study, generally pay off in the long run.  And don’t let an expensive option hold you back from pursuing your dream job.  As Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Pursuing a major in any form of art tends to be very costly as the purchase of materials is required for most classes.  These majors often have very specific requirements that cause students to take on additional credit hours.


Purchasing and maintaining a high-quality instrument, private lessons, and sheet music costs all lead to music majors paying more for their degree.  Music majors also have a tough time finding jobs, meaning those student loans can accumulate quickly.

Photography/Film Studies

Photography majors are required to purchase equipment to use in classes and put their lessons to the test.  High-end camera equipment is fragile and costly to replace.  Video equipment used by film studies majors is also very pricey.


A law degree can end up being one of the most expensive majors because of the additional years of school required.  Additionally, test-prep materials for the LSAT and bar exam, along with law school application fees can add up quickly.  However, this is a degree that usually pays off well.


Medical doctors have at least 8 years of school in addition to residencies to pay for, all while bearing a continually heavy course load.  The need to take extra credits adds to the expense of this major.


Like medicine, dentistry requires years of school beyond a 4-year Bachelor’s program.  Certain programs also have hefty fees because of the expensive equipment required to learn the skills of dentistry.

Interior Design

Interior design majors often find that they are required to buy supplies for projects outside of usual school expenses.  Additionally, many modern design tools are part of expensive software.


Architecture majors are required to apply for several licenses to receive official certification and the computer programs they use do not come cheaply.  This can also be a difficult field to break into post-graduation.


Not only are engineering majors faced with additional technology costs, it is also difficult to fit a typical engineering program into 4 years.  This adds another year of tuition to the cost of this degree, and many scholarships are only applicable to the first 4 years of study.


Depending on the school, aviation majors may be required to pay semester fees for use of transportation to practice facilities, simulations, and licensing. Aviation also generally requires a heavier course load than many majors.

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