Party with Caution this Spring Break

February 28, 2012

5FM Beach Party | Day 2 | Stimorol Springbreak

Spring break is almost here, everyone! It’s time for a well-deserved hiatus from schoolwork, jobs and (for some of us) snow and cold weather. This break, you might be heading on a road trip in a car, to an exotic location on a plane or back to your hometown on a train or bus. No matter where you go, use the following safety tips and tidbits to make sure you stay safe during your spring break–you’ll come back relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester before summer arrives!

Since it’s spring break, you may want to go out and party. If you’re of legal drinking age in the country you’re visiting, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the following tips will help you party safely:

Don’t mix cocktails and steamy hot tubs. Even though most television programs about spring break glorify the “booze-and-hot-tub” mix, trust me–it’s not a good idea. When you jump in the hot tub after having several drinks, your blood vessels may dilate due to the intake of alcohol. If this happens, your blood pressure could lower to an unsafe level, possibly leading to unconsciousness or even drowning. Have fun in the hot tub, but leave the booze at the bar.

Always have a designated driver. If you decide to drive around to bars and clubs while you’re on break, make sure someone is assigned to stay sober behind the wheel. Going out should be about having fun with your friends while staying safe at the same time. If no one wants to be the designated driver, volunteer. It’s better to know you’ll get home safe instead of risking a drunk driving accident that could harm yourself and others.

Keep an eye on your drink. While you’re out and about during spring break, many other students will be doing the same thing as you and your friends–partying. It’s great to have fun and meet other people, but sometimes things can get out of control. In an environment like spring break at a resort, people take advantage of open cups and stray drinks by putting in drugs. If you decide to drink, make sure to cover the top with your hand casually while you’re talking or dancing. Also, if you lose your cup at some point, don’t go looking for it. It’s better to stay safe and buy a new drink.

Sun + alcohol = ouch. If you decide to take the party out of the bar and to the beach, be safe with your actions. The effects of the sun can maximize alcohol’s impact on a person. Try taking the party to the shade at some point so you avoid burns. Also, be sure to drink lots of water if you party on the beach–alcohol dehydrates you and the rays of the sun make it all the more potent. And don’t forget your sunscreen! Be mindful of open container laws on the beaches and in the country you are visiting – nothing ruins a good party like getting a ticket.

Stick with your friends. Going out with your friends is one of the biggest draws to spring breakers everywhere. Parties and clubs can get crazy, so stick with your friends throughout the night, and don’t let your friends go home alone. If anyone starts looking like he or she had too much to drink, go home. Stay in touch with one another during the day (and night) to guarantee a safe, fun time out for your whole group.

Depending where you travel to this Spring Break, there may be different risks you may encounter. Consider travel insurance to have a fun and easy trip.

Stay safe and have fun!

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