Quick Car Tips for Winter

December 13, 2011
Car Tips for Winter


It’s already December and some of us have even seen the first dustings of snow where we live. While snow may be beautiful to look at, it’s difficult for all of us to manage. One of the worst aspects of snow? Driving. Getting where you need to be can be complicated when blizzards, whiteouts, ice, tough road conditions and snow-related accidents happen unexpectedly.

Here are a few quick tips for making your sure your vehicle runs smoothly and safely all winter long!

  • Make sure to add “snow tires” to your Christmas list. In many parts of the country, regular tires may not be enough come December and January. Snow tires are a perfect addition to any vehicle during the tough winter months–the more durable the snow tire, the better. Also, make sure to check your tire pressure often! Ice, salt and snow can do a number on your car’s tires!
  • Be aware of parking conditions. Remember to check newspapers, radio stations and social media outlets often for updates on parking conditions where you live. When a storm hits, the first thing to go is parking. Don’t be left looking for a spot for hours or stuck with a parking ticket–keep up with your town or city’s current parking situation all winter long.
  • Get a car insurance quote. In case anything happens to your car this winter, make sure you have the proper insurance! You can find an auto insurance quote through one of our partners that will fit your needs, no matter where you live. Having an insured vehicle will grant you peace of mind, since there is the possibility of weather-related accidents.
  • Be safe! If you don’t already have an emergency kit in your car, assemble one this winter! Include basic car necessities like jumper cables, flares and a flashlight while also adding a wintertime touch: don’t forget a blanket, small shovel and a first aid kit.

Hope these tips keep you happy and safe while driving this winter!

Photo by timo_w2s

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