College Health Insurance

June 15, 2010

Many higher education institutions in the United States provide health insurance for their students.  Although a deeper look into these policies often reveals a limited amount of coverage.  Students looking for a broader coverage may want to take a look at the insurance market.

Attending college is a great lifestyle enhancer but the environment students are placed in often leads to health risks.  The phrase, “You can run but you can’t hide” fits well with the health environment.  With overcrowded classrooms and condensed populations, germs, illness and disease are free to spread quickly.   General health practices are great ways to limit exposure but students are sure to run into some form of health risk.

Furthermore, most students attending college are young adults and this particular age group has higher chance of accident related emergency room visits.  Depending on your schools policy, emergency room visits may not be covered.  Without insurance coverage, hospital bills can become a financial burden fast!  It’s safe to say that one night in a hospital bed is going to cost you thousands without coverage.

With private health insurance, students can expand their coverage to what the deem necessary.  Allowing them to visit their doctor of choice instead of limiting themselves to the schools health facilities.  With this ability, students are able to work around their busy schedules.

Students interested in traveling should seriously consider some form of additional insurance if they have not already.  Studying aboard does provide young adults with the ability to see the world and all it’s wonders but safety needs to be a main concern.  Without the proper coverage, traveling students may find themselves unable to afford necessary health services.

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