Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance

June 9, 2010

Young adults are all too often caught up in their busy lifestyles and milestone events. From a new career and home to graduation it’s easy to be sucked into a whirlwind forgetting about the importance of health insurance. The story of Kelly Ives is reminder enough health insurance should be a priority and taken off the back burner:

Kelly graduated in March of 2009 and employed shortly after. Health insurance through her work held a two month wait period, standard in most businesses, for the insurance to kick in. When she received the health insurance she submitted a copy of her certificate showing she still held coverage through her parent’s health insurance, however, this was not enough. In December of 2009 Kelly was hospitalized for five days racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills. Kelly noticed the first couple of bills were paid for by her insurance, however, once the larger bills started coming in it refused to pay giving a reason for the two-month coverage gap. Her medical bills currently total more than $10,000 and collection letters have begun to affect her credit score.

To read more about Kelly Ives’ story visit the Cincinnati Press.

Kelly’s experience shows how just important it is not only to have health insurance but keep continuous coverage after graduation. A young adult working to establish their financial stability can not afford to be paying masses of medical bills. A great solution for those between graduation and a job or simply between careers is short term health insurance. This type of coverage can be less expensive than permanent health insurance and provides coverage when you need it most. Often referred to as catastrophic coverage, short term medical insurance does not cover routine doctor appointments, however, will give coverage when emergency situations like Kelly’s occur. For a free quote comparison on short term, health insurance quotes check GradGuard.

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