Graduating “Young Invincibles” Uninsured

April 28, 2010

Soon to be graduates of 2010 have found a light at the end of the tunnel, but they’re not there yet. Before graduation ceremonies, students frantically study for finals, attend interviews, begin making living arrangements and all too often overlook their health insurance. What many students do not know is if they are covered by a parent or school policy, more often than not their coverage expires when the diploma enters the new graduate’s hand.

The new health insurance bill will allow young adults to stay on their parents health insurance policies until age 26, however, this will not go into effect in time for 2010 grads. Steve Trattner, president of Cinergy Health wrote in a recent article thirty percent of people ages 19 through 26 are uninsured. Trattner continued to observe in his article, “Congratulations on Your College Graduation – Now Get Health Insurance“:

“Instead of being smart about the frailty of life, this age group tends to believe they’re invincible or simply do not recognize the necessity of health insurance, especially as we confront seemingly ever-rising health care costs.”

Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent, also believes young adults need to realize the importance of health insurance as she expressed in her article, “What’s a Recent College Graduate to do about Health Insurance?” She believes some college graduates are indeed searching for health insurance however, “others, dubbed the ‘young invincibles’ think they don’t need it since they’re young and healthy.”

College students approaching their graduation date need to look into their health insurance options. Many graduates only need health insurance for a few months between graduation and their first job or graduate school. GradGuard offers an array of health insurance products perfect for the recent graduate and continuing students from short term health insurance to permanent longer-termed plans. GradGuard looks out for students and grads by providing quotes through different carriers and working to find the best policy at the most affordable price. For a free health insurance quote give a friendly GradGuard representative a call today at: 877-556-3894.

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