WANTED: Affordable Student Health Insurance

April 26, 2010

A survey titled “Real Life 101” taken this past March by eHealthInsurance revealed too many young adults were uninsured. The survey interviewed 1,016 adults between the ages of 18 – 30 years including full-time students and graduates of the past three years. A couple key facts “Real Life 101” uncovered include:

  • one-in-five (21%) of adults ages 18-30 who have graduated college in the past three years are uninsured
  • one-in-three (37%) of these young adults reported having no insurance the day after accepting their diploma

The largest drive for college students (32%) and recent graduates (41%) to obtain health insurance is the affordability of coverage. Although pricing may deter many young adults from purchasing health insurance, they have many misconceptions about it as well. Recent graduates over estimated the cost of an individual health insurance policy by 38% while current students over estimated it by 69%. With the new health reform, students will be forced to purchase health insurance or face a significant fine. Luckily GradGuard offers an affordable student health insurance that meets student’s needs and keeps premiums low.

GradGuard Student Health Insurance is more than an affordable health coverage; it includes travel assistance services, $5,000 in annual tuition insurance, and identity theft protection. The student health plan offers these superior coverages as well as a free membership to College Parents of America. GradGuard is excited to announce a partnership working with College Parents of America (CPA) to offer affordable insurance of all kinds alongside the benefits and knowledge of CPA.

For a free student health insurance quote please visit: www.gradguard.com/health.

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