30% of Young Adults Uninsured

April 4, 2010

Statistically speaking, 30 percent of young adults ages 20-29 are uninsured. About a year ago, President Barack Obama set out to close this gap. With the new health care law signed, hopefully the future will prove to be successful in covering more young adults and protecting them from unforeseen health costs.

One major change in the law that directly effects young adults is the increase in coverage time under a parents policy to age 26. Prior to the change in law, the age of coverage varied state by state, with Colorado being the highest at 25 years of age.

However, due to a shaky economy, many parents are losing the benefits of health coverage they once had. When this occurs, students are often forced to look into University plans or seek individual plans. GradGuard offers a great plan for student coverage at an affordable rate. If you would like the compare rates or talk to an agent, contact us today!

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