Shortage of Doctors may Increase

April 2, 2010

After the overhaul of health care, a main concern is the strain it will put on the doctor shortage we are already facing today.  The new health care law stresses preventative care instead of the “go to the doctor after your sick” attitude.  The only issue is, with more people going to the doctor for preventative care and a current shortage of doctors, will there be enough doctors to service all these patients?

Portions of the reform aim to reverse this shortage of doctors.

  • Bonus payments will be given to physicians to expand community health centers to help pick up the slack
  • By doing this, the population would have enhanced access to a doctor led team of nurses, physicians assistants and disease educators working together.
  • By providing centers with teams, the centers could see more patients while still being able to give extra attention to those who need it most.

Only time will tell the outcome of the health reform but nationally, the big surge for primary care won’t come until 2014.

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