Going on spring break? Don't forget your coverage!

March 11, 2010

Plan ahead for your spring break and protect yourself with travel insurance!

If you are lucky enough to be traveling during spring break it is important you stay safe.  Be sure to always keep your health and safety in mind while going through the airport or checking in bags.  Check the weather to prepare for the correct conditions you will be facing.  Once you’ve arrived at your destination continue to look out for situations that may become dangerous for you or your company.  If you are traveling out of the country understand that you must abide by the laws of the country you are visiting.  Be extra careful if you have plans to travel to Mexico because the United States has issued a travel warning due to violence related to drug cartels throughout the country.

Travel insurance can provide travelers with a great umbrella of protection from anything from medical care to cancellation coverage.  If you are unfamiliar with canceling travel plans, you often can’t do it.  Most packages and plans are nonrefundable to insure that businesses do not lose money due to changes in travel plans.  With travel insurance, you are essentially buying a guarantee that you will get what you paid for or receive a refund.

If all goes well and you do make it on your trip, you can rest easy knowing that in the event of an accident, all medical expenses up to $1 million will be covered.   Maybe the accident doesn’t involve injury to you but you are found liable, you’re covered for that too! Our plan will provide you with $200,000 in liability coverage.  Don’t worry, if you leave the United States, the same coverage applies! Not to mention, if something does come up and you need to leave immediately, you will be covered up to $100,000 for emergency medical evacuation.

Be safe and have a good time!

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