Widespread Cuts Force Delayed Graduation

March 2, 2010

Widespread cuts at Fresno State have forced some students to postpone their graduation plans.  Due to the lack of classes, students are finding that it is not possible to get into the prerequisite classes they need.

Van Grouw, a former biology major, was forced to change her major to stay on track for a four-year-graduation plan.

“It was really difficult planning my schedule when all the classes got cut. The kinesiology department only offers certain classes every other semester, so if I don’t get the classes I need for next fall, I will have to wait a whole year to try and get those classes again,” Van Grouw said.

The Collegian reported that Fresno State used its one-time $2.9 million federal stimulus money in February to restore some classes in the fall 2010 semester.   Even with the stimulus money, students like Hannah Deeter will still be forced to stay one semester to a year longer on average.

Hannah Deeter enrolled as a dietetics major in fall 2007 but after attempting to register for classes, she realized she would no longer be able to reach her goal of graduating in spring 2011.  Deeter gave a statement to the Collegian, explaining her situation:

“For my next four semesters, I will not even have enough major classes to fill my 12-unit, full-time student requirement. I will have to take random elective classes I do not need to graduate to stay a full-time student, which I need [in order] to stay on my parents’ health insurance.”

These tough situations can be very troubling for students and their families.  With budget cuts occurring all over the nation, it may be possible that this dilemma will occur at other institutions as well!

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