Florida State Universities to Require Health Insurance

February 12, 2010

As Washington D.C. fights a war on health care reform Florida rages its own battlefield. The Florida legislation may soon consider adding a new requirement for state-funded university attendees to hold health insurance. Although the measure did not pass through legislation last spring it’s expected to surface again next session.

Some opposition to this measure remains. Leixe Yanes of Florida Atlantic University stated, “If it passes, less kids will go to school. I think it should be left up to the students. We’re the ones paying. It’s our lives… they don’t need to take care of us.” This will increase the cost of attending college by an estimated $1,300 a year.

Although this may be true, the measure will motivate more college students to purchase health insurance. Even if you’re healthy as a horse accidents can not be predicted and may be detrimental to not only your health, but your checkbook as well. Rolling your ankle running to class or coming down with a contagious sickness like the swine flu is unexpected, however more common than you would think. A recent survey of college students graduates indicated nearly 60% of respondents or one of their friends had been hospitalized during the prior two years. After thinking about the additional doctor’s appointments, medications, and possible therapy following hospitalization… health insurance seems to make more and more sense.

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